Cordelia Stearns, MD, UAB Montgomery Reginal Campus was awarded $7500 which will go towards the 2019 Harvard Macy's program for Educators in Health Professions.

Brenessa Lindeman, MD, MEHP, Division of Surgical Oncology was awarded $7500 which will go towards the 2019 Harvard Macy's program for Educators in Health Professions.

Peter Phan, MD, Division of General Internal Medicine was awarded $10,000 which will go towards the Stanford Clinical Teaching Program. First Place.

William Sasser, MD, Department of Pediatrics was awarded $7500 which will go towards the 2017 Harvard Macy’s program for Educators in Health Professions.

Britney Corey, MD, Department of Surgery was awarded $7500 which will go towards the Masters in Academic Medicine at Keck School of Medicine, USC.

Session Schedule and Details 
Morning Session Afternoon Session
Plenary Speaker:
Dr. C. Glenn Cobbs
Professor Emeritus
Division of Infectious Diseases
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Plenary Speaker:
Dr. John Kennedy
Professor of Medicine
Associate Chief of Staff-BVAMC
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Engaging Small Groups
Session Coordinators: Erin Snyder and Erin Contratto

Description: Participants learned skills to improve teaching effectiveness in small group settings, from ward rounds to didactic sessions. 

Engaging Millennial Learners

Session Coordinators: James Willig and Erin Snyder

Description: This workshop offered learners insights into connecting with millennial generation trainees in an era of reduced contact time due to duty hour limitations. We discussed principles of gamifiication, blogging, and social media that can be applied in a wide variety of situations to enhance your instruction. We shared data and some lessons learned locally with use of these methods. 

Pearls and Pitfalls of Bedside Rounds

Session Coordinators: Lisa Willett, Stan Massie, and J.R Hartig

Description: Bedside rounds are a wonderful way to involve the patient and directly observe you learners in action. This workshop preovided tips on how to successfully incorporate rounds at the bedside, and out of the hallway.
How to be a Mentor

Session Coordinators: Gustavo Heudebert and Carlos Estrada
Dealing with Difficult Learners

Session Coordinator: Caroline Harada
This workshop addressed the challenge of working with difficult learners. We identified characteristics of difficult learners and discussed strategies to handle common problems. Participants then had an opportunity to practice different techniques for addressing these problems.

He Said, She Said: Gender & Communication in Medicine
Session Coordinators: Michael Barnett and Ashley Nichols
Description: In this workshop, we explored how gender differences in childhood development translate into patterns of communication as adults. We considered how gender styles affect communication in the workplace, specifically looking at gender differences in medicine. Finally, we reflected on our own communication styles and how we might adapt to improve our communication, whether at home or at work, with patients or with peers.

Engaging the Audience: How to make your next talk better than your last

Session Coordinators: JR Hartig and Stephen Russell

Session Outline
Session Materials: 1, 2, 3
Scholarship and Promotion for the Clinician Educator

Session Coordinators: Carlos Estrada