Faculty Development for Educators-RFA 2017  

Up to $7,500 for up to two qualified UASOM faculty

2016 Awardees:
Peter Phan, MD, Division of General Internal Medicine was awarded $10,000 which will go towards the Stanford Clinical Teaching Program. First Place.

William Sasser, MD, Department of Pediatrics was awarded $7500 which will go towards the 2017 Harvard Macy’s program for Educators in Health Professions.

Britney Corey, MD, Department of Surgery was awarded $7500 which will go towards the Masters in Academic Medicine at Keck School of Medicine, USC.

Session Schedule and Details

Morning Sessions

Plenary Presentation:

Jerod Haase (Head Coach of UAB Men’s Basketball)
Teamwork and Leadership Presentation Video

How to Use Team-based Learning (TBL) in Medical Education

Presentation Slides
Presentation Handout

Session Coordinator: Will Brooks

Styles and Stages: Understanding Differences in Learning Styles and Generations

Presentation Slides

Session Coordinators: Chad Burski and Ellen Eaton

Flip Your Teaching: Using Video Effectively for Teaching

Presentation Slides

Session Coordinator: Terry Shaneyfelt

Giving Highly Effective Presentations

Presentation Slides
Presentation Handouts

Session Coordinator: Ryan Kraemer

Afternoon Sessions

Plenary Presentation: Noon – 1PM (West Pavilion Conference Center E)

John Eric Gampher, Ph.D. (Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology)
Brain Based Learning Presentation Slides
Brain Based Learning Presentation Video

Teach Clinical Reasoning, Avoid Diagnostic Error, Get Better

Presentation Slides

Session Coordinators: Carlos Estrada, Jennifer Hale, Martin Rodriguez, Starr Steinhilber, David McCollum

Feedback on the Fly: Giving real time feedback in clinical settings

Presentation Slides

Session Coordinators: Caroline Harada, Katrina Booth

Put Me In, Coach! Teaching Communication Skills at the Bedside

Presentation Slides
Presentation Handout
Presentation Handout

Session Coordinators: Michael Barnett, Laurel Kilpatrick