12:00-1:00 PM
Date Topic Presenter Room
7/1 (M) Introduction to Hem/Onc Lisle Nabell  WP-Bd Rm
7/8 (M) GU Malignancies Graeme Bolger WP-Bd Rm
7/9 (T) Oncologic Emergencies Mollie deShazo WP-A
7/11 (Th) Lymphoma Naresh Bellam WP-A
7/12 (F) Hereditary Ca & What to Look For Meagan Weisenhart WP-Bd Rm
7/15 (M) canceled     WP-Bd Rm
7/16 (T) Melanoma Robert Conry WP-A
7/18 (Th)       WP-A
7/19 (F) Bone Marrows / Hickman care Lisle  Nabell  WP-Bd Rm
7/22 (M) Lung Cancer Stefan Grant NP 2532
7/23 (T) Transfusion Medicine - I Marisa Marques WP-A
7/25 (Th) Sickle Cell Rita Paschal WP-A
7/26 (F) Intro. to Research Francisco Robert WP Bd Rm
7/29 (M) MDS/Aplastic Anemia Uma Borate WP-Bd Rm
7/30 (T) Transfusion Medicine II Jill Adamski WP-A
8/1 (Th) Myeloma Racquel Innis-Shelton WP-A
8/2 (F) Town Hall Lisle Nabell WP-Bd Rm
8/5 (M) Gynecologic Emergencies
 Ronald  Alvarez  WP-Bd Rm
8/6 (T) GI Malignancies - Part I James Posey WP-A
8/8 (Th) Allo Transplant Donna Salzman WP-A
8/9 (F) Leukemia Harry Erba WP-Bd Rm
8/12 (M) Pharmacology - Chemotherapy I Barry Diamond WP Bd Rm
8/13 (T) Hemophilia Kelly Godby WP-A
8/15 (Th)       WP-A
8/16 (F) Clotting & Bleeding Kevin Harris WP-Bd Rm
8/19 (M) Boards - no conference     WP-Bd Rm
8/20 (T) GI Malignancies - Part II James Posey WP-A
8/22 (Th) Breast Cancer – Part I John Carpenter WP-A
8/23 (F) Leukemia - Part II Harry Erba WP-Bd Rm
8/26 (M) Pharmacology - Chemotherapy II Barry Diamond NP 2532
8/27 (T) Introduction to Clinical Trials Kevin Harris WP-A
8/29 (Th) Breast Cancer - Part II Lisle Nabell WP-A
8/30 (F) BMT Ayman Saad WP Bd Rm