Halanych Aug2012At the UAB Montgomery Internal Medicine Residency Program, we strive to create an atmosphere where it is a pleasure to teach, learn, and grow. Our committed core of primary academic faculty work closely with over 60 voluntary clinical faculties to provide a comprehensive, evidence-based education to our residents and medical students.

Montgomery is the second largest city in Alabama and the state capital. The Program's primary teaching hospital, Baptist Medical Center South, is a community-based hospital which hosts nationally-recognized cardiology, cancer, and stroke services and maintains close affiliations with the UAB Health System. Baptist South is the tertiary care hospital  for all of central and western Alabama.

It is no understatement to say that we care for the same degree of acuity and variety of cases as a University-based program. Our curriculum provides a balance between inpatient and outpatient medicine, on both sub-specialty and general medicine services. We endeavor to find the perfect balance between resident autonomy and faculty supervision for residents to become competent, compassionate independent physicians. Resident schedules are structured to maximize education time with attendings and provide protected time for ambulatory continuity clinic, while adhering to duty hour and patient cap restrictions. 

Our goal is to graduate outstanding physicians with a love of life-long learning and with the tools to continue to learn for life. Other sections of the website provide information about the history of our ACGME-accredited program, the evidence of our commitment to scholarly activities, and the success of our graduates at realizing their goals of fellowship training or finding their perfect job in primary care, academic or hospital medicine. 

I want to convey how thrilled I am to lead this program during these changing times. In addition to the historic changes in ACGME regulations and the transitions from ICD-9 to ICD-10, our 40-year old program has the honor to be a core component of the newest UAB regional campus. Our inaugural class of third-year medical students started in May 2014. It's a great time to be in Montgomery.

- Jewell H. Halanych, M.D., M.Sc.