Our pipeline programs reflect our strong belief that the next generation of physicians should reflect the growing diversity of our surrounding community and our country at large. If we are to accomplish this goal, we must invest and strengthen the overall competitiveness of our URiMs now.

Currently, the Office of Diversity & Multicultural Affairs hosts several pipeline programs designed to increase diversity in the healthcare workforce by exposing students from underprivileged and historically underserved backgrounds to various healthcare professions through monthly initiatives --including six week summer programs for middle, high school, undergraduate, and post graduate students transitioning into medical school. Activities include an introduction to clinical, social and political issues facing the health care industry, rigorous academic and test preparation, health-related training, physician shadowing and research opportunities. The name of these programs and their designations are as follows:
  • Summer Health Enrichment Program (SHEP) for undergraduates
  • Pre-Matriculation in Medical Education (PRIME) for accepted students entering graduate medical education at UAB
  • Pre-Med 1st Science Training Enrichment Program (STEP) for undergraduate students seeking admittance to medical school