Courses taken in the School of Medicine are measured in the number of weeks of duration for the course. All active medical students are considered to be full time students, with their course time and course requirements substantially beyond that required for full time undergraduates seeking a baccalaureate degree.

For convenience purposes only and to facilitate an understanding of medical school requirements by outside organizations, the following table approximates UASOM coursework in terms of semester hours for students following the regular curriculum. Slight variations may occur with curriculum adjustments.

MS 1 Lecture & lab for PDS ‐ Renal 56 semester hours
MS 2 Lecture & lab for MSS ‐ Integration plus Block VI clerkship or scholarly activity 53 semester hours
MS 3 Blocks I‐VI clerkships or Scholarly Activity 72 semester hours
MS 4 Varies by student  

*Special Topics not included since timing varies by student.