Reasonable accommodations will be made for qualified individuals with limitations due to a documented disability. Applicants for admission and current students, with or without reasonable accommodations, must be able to satisfy the technical standards for acceptance into, progression through and graduation from the School of Medicine.

Accommodations must be requested through the UAB Office of Disability Support Services and recommendations for accommodations must come from this office.


Once admitted, students will contact the UAB Office of Disability Support Services, who will work with the Technical Standards Advisory Committee to establish accommodations. Throughout a student's career, we will work to make sure that a disability is reasonably accommodated.

Current Students

A student who seeks accommodations will be referred to the UAB Office of Disability Support Services for assessment. The financial cost for documentation, assessment or evaluation will be the sole responsibility of the student. Personnel in the disability office will obtain appropriate documentation and assist students with any necessary testing. If they determine that accommodations are necessary to allow a medical student to meet the School of Medicine technical standards, then they will forward those recommendations to the Technical Standards Advisory Committee. The committee will review the request to see if the accommodations are feasible.

The Associate Dean for Students will be notified in writing of the committee's decision. If the accommodations are deemed appropriate and feasible, the Associate Dean for Students will be given the responsibility for implementing them. If the accommodations cannot be made, the student will be informed by letter. If the student is unable to meet the technical standards, the student will be dismissed. A medical student who is dismissed on the basis of inability to meet the technical standards of the School of Medicine will have the right of appeal to the dean through the established appeal process used in academic dismissals.