Requesting Funding

Any registered or provisionally registered organization that meets the requirements for maintaining registration status listed in the statement of "General Student Organization Policies," is eligible for funding.

A Funding Allocation Board (FAB) shall meet in March. The time and date of that meeting will be broadly published in advance. The FAB shall consist of nine persons:

  • The Director of Medical Student Life
  • The Associate Dean for Students (or designee)
  • A SOM faculty member appointed by the Associate Dean for Students
  • A member of the UAB Student Affairs office
  • Five members of the Student Senate to be determined by the chair of the finance committee.

Any registered or provisionally registered student organization that wishes to receive funding must submit a completed Annual Report and Request Form to the Director of Medical Student Life, at least one week in advance of the FAB meeting. At the FAB meeting, each organization requesting funds will make a brief oral presentation, followed by questions from the members of the Funding Allocation Board. After all requests have been heard, the Board shall determine the funding to be made available to each organization.

Unique, unforeseen opportunities that arise during the year will be handled on a case by case basis. These should be discussed with the Director of Student Life.

Updated September 2007

Accessing Approved Funding

Funds approved for an organization can only be paid directly to the provider. Students cannot be directly reimbursed for these expenses.

For food: After the meeting is over, you should provide an invoice from the vendor, a list of students in attendance, and a short statement of the purpose of the meeting. These should be given to the Director of Student Life. The University will pay the vendor directly.

For supplies: Provide the Director of Student Life with an invoice and a statement of the purpose for the supplies. This should be done 3-4 weeks before the supplies are needed.

For Travel: See the separate travel policies.

For any other expenses: See the Director of Student Life before you spend any money or make a commitment.