Residency Application Checklist MS4

For students anticipating a March 2015 match.

March 2016 match timeline is here. 

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February 2014

March 2014

April 2014

  • Most Schools begin reviewing Visiting Student Applications.
June 2014

July 2014

August 2015
  • Senior Photographs continue
  • UASOM OSCE’s begin
  • Recommended target for Step 2 CK
September 2014

  • September 1: NRMP is open to register for the match
  • September 5: Target date for Ophthalmology and Urology applications
  • September 15: Medical Schools begin transmitting applications.
  • September 15: Residency programs may download applications from ERAS.
  • September 15: Register online for National Residency Matching Program (NRMP)
  • Interview workshops continue
  • Ophthalmology and Urology interviews may begin.
  • NRMP Interview offers are possible.
October 2014

  • October 1: Medical Student Performance Evaluations (MSPE) are released.
  • October 7,8,9: Senior OSCE's
  • Interview workshops and Mock Interviews scheduled.
  • Ophthalmology and Urology interviews continue
  • Some NRMP programs begin interviews
  • UASOM OSCE’s Continue
  • Recommended time frame for Step 2 CS
November 2014

  • Fall check-in with your career advisor
  • November 30: Deadline for NRMP registration.
  • NRMP interviews typically begin.
  • Ophthalmology and Urology interviews continue
December 2014

  • NRMP interviews continue.
  • Military applicants: Match results are released mid-December. 
  • Ophthalmology and Urology Applicants: Rank Order List (ROL) entry begins.
January 2015

  • NRMP Match interviews continue.
  • Jan 15: NRMP Rank Order List (ROL) entry begins
  • Jan 6: Ophthalmology applicants: Deadline for submitting rank order list (ROL)
  • Jan 14: Ophthalmology results are announced
  • Jan 5:  Urology applicants: Deadline for submitting rank order list (ROL).   
  • Jan 21: Urology Match List released
February 2015

  • Attend the Senior Meeting (Rank Order List, SOAP, Match Day, and Commencement), Monday, Feb. 2, 2-5pm, LRA
  • February 25: NRMP Deadline for registration and entry of rank order list (ROL)
March 2015

  • March 16: Match week begins.
  • SOAP
  • If you are in the match, DO NOT be out of town this week.
  • March 20: Match Day!
 May 2015

  •  Sunday, May 17, 2015, 2pm, Bartow Arena
 June 2015

  •  June 6: Diploma Date

Learning Communities

  • There are currently 11 communities within the UASOM LC Program.
  • Students are assigned to a community based on their clinical campus assignments.
  • Communities form the basic unit for class and lab small groups, student government, and social and professional development.
  • For more information on the Learning Community Program, contact Jason Noah, or click on one of the Community Mentors below.

Current MS2 student:
“I have really enjoyed the one hour break each month to get together with my peers and take a small break from the books. It is easy to get overwhelmed or lost in studying and lose sight of what is truly important. I have used our community meetings not only as a time for camaraderie, but also to take step back and refocus on the end goal.” 

Birmingham Communities     
Evans Community

Mentor: Hughes Evans, MD, PhD
Hill Community

Mentor: Nathan Smith, MD 
Hoesley Community

Mentor: Craig Hoesley, MD 
Kezar Community

Mentor: Laura Kezar, MD
Pittman Community

Mentor: Annalise Sorrentino, MD

Huntsville Communities   
Carter Community

Mentor: Lanita Carter, PhD
Harrison Community

Mentor: Robert Centor, MD 

Montgomery Community 
Many Community

Mentor: Wick Many, MD

Tuscaloosa Communities   
Hirshowitz Community

Mentor: Anne Halli-Tierney, MD
Taylor Community

Mentor: Heather Taylor, MD 

LC Monthly Meeting Topics (2014-2015)

Month Topic
August Financial Aid & Academic Success Follow-up (for MS1 students only)
September The Importance of Professional Community
October Mindfulness & Resilience
November Interacting with Different Groups
December Open/Elective Topic
January Difficult Conversations with Peers
February Financial Planning
March Leadership Qualities
April Open/Elective Topic

UABSOM New Student Orientation

Orientation 2015!

  • When Is Orientation?
    • Orientation runs Monday, July 27-Friday, July 31.
  • Where do I go on Monday?
    • Orientation starts at 8am on Monday, July 27.
    • You'll come to Volker Hall (1670 University Blvd). This is the same building in which you had your interviews.
  • How long does Orientation last each day
    • Exact times vary, depending on the day, but you should block out 8am-5pm each day for orientation activities.
  • Is Orientation mandatory?
    • Yes. Students are expected to attend every session of Orientation. There are no excused absences.
    • Matriculating students are encouraged to move to Birmingham 1-2 weeks prior to Orientation.
    • Schedule any needed utility service appointments or doctor's appointments at other times.
  • What will we do at Orientation?
    • Orientation is designed to introduce you to the UABSOM and your class.
    • You'll find out practical things like, how classes work and meet the folks you'll be spending the next four years with.
    • For those students assigned to a regional campus for clinical years, you'll get an opportunity to visit that campus and meet the medical school faculty and staff there.
    • Click here for a copy of the 2014 Orientation schedule.
  • What should I wear?
    • For Monday, July 27, dress is business. You'll get your picture taken for the composite.
    • For all other days, dress is casual.
  • What should I bring?
    • For Monday, you'll need your Social Security card, a photo ID, a notebook, and a pen. That's it!
    • For most of Orientation, laptops are not allowed, so there's no need to bring them with you until your Orientation Leaders tell you to. 

Ob/Gyn Sub-Rotations