About Us

Medical Student Services organizes a variety of opportunities to enhance medical student learning. Tutoring services are provided by advanced medical students and residents who are highly competent in the areas tutored. All tutors are chosen from a competitive application process and are required to complete training and have ongoing tutor training session throughout the year.

Our Objectives

  • To improve academic performance
  • To promote self-directed learning
  • To engage students in their own learning and study strategies as they adapt to medical school curriculum and exam formats



Individual sessions offered students the opportunity to receive one on one assistance from trained tutor. Sessions are usually scheduled between the student and the tutor. To request individual tutoring, please click here.


Small group sessions are available for any medical student who interested in attending. Sessions are usually held around the times of the scheduled midterm and finals of the modules. To view upcoming group sessions, please see below.


The online tutoring is offered in both individual and group sessions through Google+ Hangouts. To view upcoming group sessions, please see below.

For students anticipating a March 2015 match.

March 2016 match timeline is here. 

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February 2014

March 2014

April 2014

  • Most Schools begin reviewing Visiting Student Applications.
June 2014

July 2014

August 2015
  • Senior Photographs continue
  • UASOM OSCE’s begin
  • Recommended target for Step 2 CK
September 2014

  • September 1: NRMP is open to register for the match
  • September 5: Target date for Ophthalmology and Urology applications
  • September 15: Medical Schools begin transmitting applications.
  • September 15: Residency programs may download applications from ERAS.
  • September 15: Register online for National Residency Matching Program (NRMP)
  • Interview workshops continue
  • Ophthalmology and Urology interviews may begin.
  • NRMP Interview offers are possible.
October 2014

  • October 1: Medical Student Performance Evaluations (MSPE) are released.
  • October 7,8,9: Senior OSCE's
  • Interview workshops and Mock Interviews scheduled.
  • Ophthalmology and Urology interviews continue
  • Some NRMP programs begin interviews
  • UASOM OSCE’s Continue
  • Recommended time frame for Step 2 CS
November 2014

  • Fall check-in with your career advisor
  • November 30: Deadline for NRMP registration.
  • NRMP interviews typically begin.
  • Ophthalmology and Urology interviews continue
December 2014

  • NRMP interviews continue.
  • Military applicants: Match results are released mid-December. 
  • Ophthalmology and Urology Applicants: Rank Order List (ROL) entry begins.
January 2015

  • NRMP Match interviews continue.
  • Jan 15: NRMP Rank Order List (ROL) entry begins
  • Jan 6: Ophthalmology applicants: Deadline for submitting rank order list (ROL)
  • Jan 14: Ophthalmology results are announced
  • Jan 5:  Urology applicants: Deadline for submitting rank order list (ROL).   
  • Jan 21: Urology Match List released
February 2015

  • Attend the Senior Meeting (Rank Order List, SOAP, Match Day, and Commencement), Monday, Feb. 2, 2-5pm, LRA
  • February 25: NRMP Deadline for registration and entry of rank order list (ROL)
March 2015

  • March 16: Match week begins.
  • SOAP
  • If you are in the match, DO NOT be out of town this week.
  • March 20: Match Day!
 May 2015

  •  Sunday, May 17, 2015, 2pm, Bartow Arena
 June 2015

  •  June 6: Diploma Date
  • There are currently 11 communities within the UASOM LC Program.
  • Students are assigned to a community based on their clinical campus assignments.
  • Communities form the basic unit for class and lab small groups, student government, and social and professional development.
  • For more information on the Learning Community Program, contact Jason Noah, Dr. Caroline Harada, or click on one of the Community Mentors below.
  • Advisors for each Learning Community are as follows:

Current MS2 student:
“I have really enjoyed the one hour break each month to get together with my peers and take a small break from the books. It is easy to get overwhelmed or lost in studying and lose sight of what is truly important. I have used our community meetings not only as a time for camaraderie, but also to take step back and refocus on the end goal.” 

Birmingham Communities     
Hill Community

Mentor: Danielle Powell, M.D.
Kirklin Community

Mentor: Sergio Stagno, M.D. 
Pittman Community

Mentor: Todd Peterson, M.D. 
Resuehr Community

Mentor: David Resuehr, Ph.D.
Sellers Community

Mentor: Alethia Sellers, M.D.
Woods Community

Mentor: John Woods, MD

Huntsville Communities   
Harrison Community

Mentor: Blayke Gibson, M.D.
Leisch Community

Mentor: Leah Leisch, M.D. 

Montgomery Community 
Heersink Community

Mentor: Caroline Harada, M.D.

Tuscaloosa Communities   
Hirshowitz Community

Mentor: Stephanie Berger, M.D.
Khoury Community

Mentor: Charles Khoury, M.D.

LC Monthly Meeting Topics (Spring 2016)




Jan 11


Study Skills

Jan 11


Dean’s Conference – Career Planning

Jan 25


Burnout & Resilience

Feb 1


Ethics (Endocrine)

Feb 8


LC Strategic Planning

Mar 7


Preparing for the Wards – Interprofessional Team Work



Optional Check-in Meeting with Mentors

Mar 8


MS3 Class Meeting

Mar 21



Mar 28



Apr 4


Difficult Conversations with Patients

Apr 11



Apr 18


Service Learning Case Competition



Commencement Info, GQ, Reflections



Step 1 Study Break

Apr 28


Clinical Orientation for Birmingham Campus

May 15



May 16


Workshop for CV, Personal Statements, MSPE’s

May 23


Service Learning Celebration, LC Wrap-up


No Meetings for MS1, MS2, or MS4

June 13



Orientation 2015!

New Student Orientation Schedule (Word doc) is here!

  • Where do I go on Monday?
    • Orientation starts at 8am on Monday, July 27.
    • You'll come to Volker Hall (1670 University Blvd). This is the same building in which you had your interviews.
  • Where do I park?
    • Use the parking deck at 10th Ave. S. and 16th Street. 
    • If this deck is full when you arrive, you'll need to park in Remote Lot 
  • How long does Orientation last each day
    • Exact times vary, depending on the day, but you should block out 8am-5pm each day for orientation activities.
  • Is Orientation mandatory?
    • Yes. Students are expected to attend every session of Orientation. There are no excused absences.
    • Matriculating students are encouraged to move to Birmingham 1-2 weeks prior to Orientation.
    • Schedule any needed utility service appointments or doctor's appointments at other times.
  • What will we do at Orientation?
    • Orientation is designed to introduce you to the UABSOM and your class.
    • You'll find out practical things like, how classes work and meet the folks you'll be spending the next four years with.
    • For those students assigned to a regional campus for clinical years, you'll get an opportunity to visit that campus and meet the medical school faculty and staff there.
  • What should I wear?
    • For Monday, July 27, dress is business. You'll get your picture taken for the composite.
    • For all other days, dress is casual.
  • What should I bring?
    • For Monday, you'll need your Social Security card, a photo ID, a notebook, and a pen.
    • Bring your laptops, but note these are not used in most sessions at Orientation. We ask that you not use them during sessions unless instructed to do so by a presenter. 
    • It's also a good idea to have some money or card for drinks.