The Admissions Committee conducts holistic application reviews that give equitable and balanced consideration to applicants' academic and nonacademic attributes. These reviews are broad-based and address factors the committee considers essential for achieving the various missions of our school. These factors are used by the committee in each step of evaluating an applicant and provide the framework for the content of the admission interviews. 

Factors Considered for Admission PDF
Assessing My Competitiveness PDF

Nonacademic factors

Desirable personal attributes

      • Honesty, integrity, emotional maturity, empathy/compassion, industry/motivation, personal warmth and resilience, as well as a sense of purpose and a healthy sense of humor
  • Effective communication skills

      • Overall ability to communicate effectively and specific ability to convey a realistic
        and meaningful account of one’s interest in medicine
      • Understand the importance of skillful listening
      • Ability to engage in effective conversation

    Service and volunteer activities 

      • Evidence of a demonstrated concern for others through a pattern or ongoing, face-to-face, hands-on service 

    Medical related experience and shadowing

    Shadowing is an essential part of being considered competitive for admission. Through shadowing in a medical setting, you will begin to:

      • Develop an understanding of what happens when doctors and patients interact
      • Develop insight into the patient’s experience in the patient‐
        physician relationship
      • Better understand what becoming a physician would mean to you

    Research experience and interest in academic medicine

      • Develop an understanding of the principles of scientific investigation and apply those principles in a research setting

    Extracurricular activities and campus involvement

      • Gives opportunities to develop life skills and maturity
      • Evaluates academic ability and time management skills

    Leadership roles and special talents or abilities

      • Gives opportunities to develop life skills and maturity
      • Evaluates academic ability and time management skills

    Contribution to a diverse and creative class

    A diverse mix of students in each class is essential to providing educational opportunities for understanding the depth and breadth of human experiences and values.

    Potential to Meet Unmet Medical Service Needs

    Our school is committed to meeting health care needs of the state of  Alabama, particularly those of underserved populations in the state. These needs include primary care
    medical needs of racial and ethnic minorities and rural populations.

    Academic factors

    MCAT Scores

      • Minimum MCAT score required for consideration is 24 or 495 on MCAT2015
      • Incoming class average score is 29.2 - 30.9

    Grade Point Average

      • Incoming class overall GPA is 3.70 - 3.78
      • Incoming class BCPM (biology, chemistry, physics and math) GPA is 3.70 - 3.73