New Student Orientation: July 27-31, 2015

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Important Dates for New Students
  • Pre-Matriculation List completion must be completed in order to matriculate. More information is below. 
  • New Student Orientation: Monday, July 27- Friday, July 31. Orientation is required for all matriculating students. Please block 8am-5pm each day for Orientation events and activities. More information is below.  
  • MS1 Classes Begin! Monday, August 3. For more information, visit the Undergraduate Medical Education Class Schedules page.
  • White Coat Ceremony Walk-Through: Friday, August 14, at 3:15-4:30pm, in the Jemison Concert Hall at the Alys-Stephens Performing Arts Center. Required for all students participating in the White Coat Ceremony. Students who do not attend the walk-through may not participate in the White Coat Ceremony.
  • White Coat Weekend Family BBQ: Friday, August 14, 6pm, at Regions Field. Hosted by the Medical Alumni Association, this event is open to all matriculating students and their families. For more information, contact Beth Eddings
  • White Coat Ceremony: Sunday, August 16, 2-4pm, in the Jemison Concert Hall at the Alys-Stephens Performing Arts Center. More information is below.

The Prematriculation Checklist
  • The checklist must be complete in order to sit for New Student Orientation. 
    • Students who have not completed the checklist by Friday, July 10, at 5pm (CDT), may be assessed a non-compliance fee or have their admission deferred for one year.
    • Students accepted after July 10, 2015 must complete the requirements within 2 weeks of their acceptance.
  • The checklist requires a sequence of events to be completed. Matriculating students are expected to have internet and phone access for the entire summer before they start medical school, and may need access to a physician for updated immunizations and tests.
  • The checklist is available for access here.

White Coat Weekend Activites

From the Admissions Office

Getting Settled


My official letter of acceptance went to my parent's house. Can they scan the Offer of Acceptance to me for me to sign and send to you?
No. We must receive the original copy of the acceptance offer, and it must be signed by the accepted applicant. We can't accept a copy of the signed original in any format (fax, scan or photocopy), nor can we accept a signed photocopy of the original. 

If UASOM has received my final transcripts, why does my "Minimum Coursework Completed" say no?
While you are currently accepted to UASOM and have sent copies of your final transcripts with your degree posted, your "Minimum Coursework Completed?" may still say "no" when you check the status of your application. We don't audit transcripts for required coursework until May 15 due to fluctuations in our accepted applicants. 

If your undergraduate college requires composition and literature or interdisciplinary reading and writing courses in lieu of English; if you have taken an acceptable course to satisfy math requirements; or if you have specific questions if a specific class you've taken meets requirements, email