Internal Medicine
This program is designed to provide an intensive, hands-on experience in inpatient internal medicine to prepare students for the residency of their choice.

Family Medicine
The Family Medicine Clerkship is coupled with Rural Medicine to form an integrated eight week Family and Community Medicine block.

The Neurology Clerkship is scheduled for 3 weeks during the 8-week block shared with psychiatry. 

Obstetrics & Gynecology
An eight-week clerkship where the student will learn about many of the health care issues facing women today.

The Division of Pediatrics at the University of Alabama School of Medicine-Huntsville Regional Medical Campus is dedicated to providing the highest quality medical care to all pediatric patients.

This eight-week rotation will be divided into psychiatry (5 weeks) and neurology (3 weeks), and each student will become familiar with the different types of patients and the methods of treatment in both psychiatry and neurology.

Rural Medicine
A four-week clerkship designed to allow the students to experience first hand a rural practice, showing that such a practice is rewarding personally, professionally, and fiscally.

The program model is a community-based one-on-one physician-student experience.