Welcome To Family Medicine Clerkship

On the Huntsville campus the Family Medicine Clerkship is coupled with Rural Medicine to form an integrated eight week Family and Community Medicine block.  The Family Medicine clerkship includes assignments in three distinct patient care settings:
  • The UAB-Huntsville Family Medicine Center (FMC)
  • The Family Medicine In-Patient Service at Huntsville Hospital and,
  • One of two Nursing Home sites: Big Springs Specialty Care or Whitesburg Gardens
The schedule of these assignments will vary from block to block. Each student block a clerkship schedule of these assignments is posted to black board Vista and at orientation each student is given a detailed individual calendar which includes their own schedule of these activities as well as whom they will work with for each clerkship site. While on the clerkship you are expected to become proficient in interviewing patients, performing physical examinations, and formulating differential diagnoses based on their histories and examinations. 

For additional information regarding the Huntsville Family Medicine Clerkship, fell free to contact Angela Edwards.

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