Welcome to Rural Medicine

We would like to wish you a most enjoyable and rewarding educational experience during your 4-week rural clerkship. Please note the Rural Clerkship Questionnaire, this must be completed and turned-in at the end of your rural clerkship.

During your rural clerkship

  • Please note the clerkship goals and objectives and bear these in mind while working with your rural preceptor.
  • You must maintain a diagnosis and procedure logs in EVALUE.

Upon completion of your rural clerkship

  • Please ask your preceptor to sit down and review with you the evaluation form s/he is filling out on you.
  • Attend Debriefing Session with Dr. Behringer, Friday, August 25th @ 1:30 p.m.
  • Give the completed questionnaire and evaluations of your preceptor and the preceptor site to Ms. Angela Edwards in Room 319.
  • Complete the EVALUE clerkship evaluation.
  • If your rural rotation is with a Family Physician or General Internist in a town of less than 25,000, you are entitled to receive $250 as a travel stipend granted by the Alabama Family Practice Rural Health Board. See Angela Edwards (room 319) to complete the necessary paper work.

Melissa Behringer, M.D.
Clerkship Director for Rural Medicine and Assistant Professor of Family Medicine
Huntsville Regional Medical Campus

Goals & Objectives

Important Forms