From the first year of medical school, students who choose to complete their clinical rotations on the Huntsville Campus are designated as Fearn Fellows. 

Dr. Thomas Fearn was the first physician in north Alabama.  He was appointed among the first members of the University of Alabama Board of Trustees where he had a part in design of the original University of Alabama Campus, recruitment of the first faculty members, and procurement of the land grant for funding.  Dr. Fearn was one of the lead researchers in the use of Cinchona bark to produce quinine for treatment of Malaria.

Various events each year are planned to introduce the newest Fearn Fellows to the Huntsville Campus and its leaders, faculty, and students from the other classes.  The Office of Medical Student Affairs provides information about housing and other issues as students prepare to relocate to Huntsville before their 3rd year.

Fearn Fellows Vision Statement

Establishing an esprit de corps, a sense of unity, and identity are critical elements of a learning team.  The Huntsville-based Fearn Fellows Program is designed to create a learning team that will yield a cohort of new physicians who will be highly skilled practitioners because of their participation in this program.