NEWS ALERT- Orlando, FL- April 10, 2014.  A Cinderella Story: ACP Doctors
Dilemma- Round 1 It was unbelievable ! Alabama answered the very first question
of the competition and got it correct. It was a good feeling. Then Colorado and
Arizona started answering all the questions gaining a very big lead. The buzzers
were tricky.  Then AL buzzed in first on an IVIG question and there was a glitch
and they gave AZ the option to answer. Then a 50 pt question on cardiac MRI and
gadolinium was answered by AL correctly: amyloidosis, but they ruled it
incorrect. Azarbal said it was, in fact, correct, but AL did not complain. But a
swing of 100 pts. Now it was looking very dismal for AL. With Pulm Crit Care the
only category left, the score was Arizona 160, Colorado 130, Alabama minus 70.
It looked like it was all over for AL. Only the top two teams advance to
semi-finals. Then something unbelievable happened. AL with the expertise of one
K.Chahal went on to sweep the Pulm Crit Care category: 10+20+30+40+50 = 150
(The final 50 pt question was: "What is the acid base disorder in
propofol infusion syndrome? Alabama nailed it! Now the score was Arizona 160,
Colorado 130, Alabama 80. Time for final Jeopardy: category Rheumatology. How
will the teams wager?
Should Arizona wager 0- guaranteeing at least a 2nd
place finish? Should Colorado assume Arizona wagers 0 and wager 31 - just enough
to guarantee a 2nd place win if Alabama doubled their score? Will Alabama have a
The final question: What is the most common ocular complication in
reactive arthritis?
The wagers:
AZ- 10 pts
CO - 51 pts (?? wrong
AL - 80 pts (all of it !)
The answers:
AZ - conjunctivitis
(Correct!) => 170 pts Alabama's answer: did they write uveitis or
conjunctivitis? Kamran convinces the team it is conjunctivitis. Azarbal changes
the written answer from uveitis to conjunctivitis AS HE HANDS IT IN !!!!!!!! -
AL has 160 points!
Colorado has only to answer correctly to secure second
place and advance to
ALERT- Orlando, FL. April 11, 2014.  The Comeback Kids' destiny unfolds in the
ACP Doctors Dilemma 2014 semi-final round.
Alabama settles down quickly and
plays a smart strategic game. They gain and keep the lead early, on the strength
of A.Kamran in Heme/Onc. "What are the two most common causes of anemia in
sickle cell disease?" Kamran hits the buzzer, "
hemolysis and aplastic
crisis".  YES! The lead for Alabama grows. They never go to a negative score and
maintain the lead until the last category, Nephro. With the 30, 40, and 50 point
questions left GWU takes the 30-pointer and the lead, GWU-130 and AL-
Now it's Nephro for 40- no one takes it. Now it comes down to Nephro for
50. Whoever has the lead going into Final Jeopardy has the advantage. Alabama
needs to get this one to solidify their chances.  "What is the most common
systemic disease associated with proximal RTA?" Alabama buzzes immediately- do
or die !!!!!! GWU is way too smart! Everything runs through Azarbal's mind:
Fanconi syndrome, lead poisoning, tenofivir, but those aren't syndromes!! Chahal
says "you know it!!!!! GO!!! Say it!!"  Azarbal says it......!!!!!! MULTIPLE
MYELOMA!!!!!!! Correct!!! Alabama 170, GWU 130.
Now the Final Jeopardy
category: "Allergy and Immunology."
GWU wagers all of it - 130. Alabama
wagers 91. Perfect calculation.
The die is cast... The Final Jeopardy
question: "What is the syndrome of conotruncal cardiac anomalies, hypoplastic
thymus, hypocalcemia, and SCID ???" The Jeopardy theme song plays...... Time's
up.... Answers:
GWU answers DiGeorge Syndrome- correct! GWU => 260.
Alabama an't hide their excitement as they answer: DIGEORGE SYNDROME-
The crowd goes wild !!!!!!! Alabama scores 261- WINNERS by
one! See y'all tomorrow in the Doctors Dilemma Final: Alabama,   Massachusetts,
Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Good

Orlando FL. April 12, 2014.  It was a valiant effort, but Alabama is edged out
by Einstein Medical (Philadephia) in the ACP Doctors Dilemma Final Four
round-2014. Alabama gets off to an early start answering the first question
correctly for 10 points. Then Alabama can't seem to get buzzer control-Einstein
is lightening fast with the buzzer. Alabama is behind. Now with 2 categories
left Alabama is at minus 30.
The category is Dermatology - all pictures. Derm
for 10: Alabama nails it- "pyogenic granuloma". Derm for 30. Azarbal nails it:
"notalgia paresthetica". Derm for 50. Azarbal nails it again: "AGEP".
goes to 60 points! The comeback was underway again!!!!
Going in to Final
Jeopardy at the top are Einstein 70, Alabama 60. The category is Neurology.
"What is the diagnosis with cognitive impairment and 'magnetic
Virginia and Massachusetts answer Parkinsonism- INCORRECT.
wagers all 60 points, but also misses  with Parkinsonism. IT wouldn't have
mattered. Einstein nails it correctly with "normal pressure hydrocephalus". GAME

But how did a brand new 21 month old program go to the Doctors
Dilemma Final Four and come down to the wire against a dynasty?  Hard work!
Congratulations to Amir Kamran, Kushdeep Chahal, and Amir Azarbal.


UAB-Huntsville Internal Medicine Resiency Team Wins State Title - ACP Doctors Dilemma Competition - June 2013

The annual meeting of the Alabama Chapter of the American College of Physicians was held on June 3, 2013 at Point Clear on Mobile Bay. Each year at this meeting there is a contest called “Doctor’s Dilemma" (Medical Jeopardy). Each IM residency program in the state (now 5 of them) sends a 3-person team, and the winning team is sent to the national competition the next spring.

We are thrilled to announce that our UAB Huntsville IM Residency program, in its first year and FIRST EVER contest, won the state championship!! We are so proud of our team members: Amir Azarbal (PGY-1), Khushdeep Chahal (PGY-2), and Amir Kamran (PGY-2). We also give great credit to their “coaches,” Dr. Fahey and Dr. Diaz. This winning team will be going to Orlando next spring to compete in the national contest!

victory pose VICTORY ! team The Team.