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Undergraduate Medical Education (UME) Leadership:

Associate Dean, Undergraduate Medical Education: Craig Hoesley, MD

UME Curriculum Support Team - Faculty and Staff:

The UME Curriculum Support Team provides instructional, assessment, evaluation, and curriculum committee services spanning the preclinical and clinical experiences leading to the Doctor of Medicine, MD, degree and works closely with course and clerkship directors in planning and delivery of the curriculum under the leadership of Craig Hoesley, M.D., Associate Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education.

  • Evaluation; Co-Enrolled Electives & Special Topics: Mike Belue
  • Director of Curriculum Development & Accreditation Management -- includes Educational Support Services & Technology, Faculty Development, Academic Calendar: Kristina Panizzi Woodley, Ph.D.
  • Introduction to Clinical Medicine (ICM) Coordination:  Ann Lee


Course and Clerkship Directors

First Year Schedules and Course Contacts

Second Year Schedules and Course Contacts

Clerkship Directors and Clerkship Coordinators

Questions or Assistance:

Questions may be directed to the faculty and staff in the service areas above or the respective course and/or clerkship directors for a given course and/or clerkship.  

If you need additional assistance, please contact the Director of Curriculum Development and Accreditation Management in the UME Office:  Kristina Panizzi Woodley, Ph.D.