Audience Response System

Turning Point is the audience response system (ARS) used by the School of Medicine.  ARS slides are interactive elements of the presentation which capture student responses using ARS clickers and graphically display responses on screen once the students have responded to a particular question.  General guidelines for using ARS are included below in addition to faculty ARS user guides and installation instructions.

Why Use an Audience Response System?

Research shows that various questioning approaches can improve student learning and retention.  Audience response systems permit instant feedback to both instructors and students and allows for an engaging, interactive exchange in the classroom environment.  Instructors may pace content delivery, see how students respond to questions to determine where more or less emphasis may be needed in a session, or engage students in problem-based, case scenarios where students may be able to apply knowledge and improve their critical thinking skills.  Likewise, students may benefit further as they may be able to gauge their learning and knowledge acquisition and identify areas in need of further review.

Guidelines for Using ARS in Presentations in SOM Sessions:

  • Turning Point is required to make ARS questions in a PowerPoint presentation (PowerPoint by itself cannot make ARS slides).  
  • ARS questions should be content-relevant.  Presenters should incorporate ARS slides in their presentations that are tied to curricular content and relevant to help students in their learning, including knowledge acquisition and application.
  • ARS questions may vary in number and placement within a given presentation. 
  • ARS questions should be used to engage the audience.  Student responses to ARS questions during a session may help the presenter and/or course director test students' understanding of the material presented and identify areas that may need further clarification.  ARS questions and student responses may also serve as a source of discussion points during a session or as follow-up on content in the session or course.
  • ARS quizzes (e.g., a series of 5 or more ARS questions for practice or a grade) may also be employed in a course and sessions to provide real-time formative feedback to students in a course or session.  If you are planning to use ARS questions for a grade, be sure to consult with the course director prior to the course beginning so that those quizzes may be considered in the course grading rubric.  Otherwise, instructors may feel free to incorporate ARS questions or even practice ARS quizzes in their presentations. These will not be graded. 

Faculty User Guides for Turning Point (ARS):  TurningPoint8 

Turning Point Installation Instructions for PC and Mac Users

1. Create a Turning Account at
2. Use your email address and click "Create Account."
2. Log in using your BlazerID. You will receive a verification email from Turning Technologies to finalize your account before you can log in.
3. Log in to your Turning Account at
4. Click the "Downloads" tab.
5. Underneath the TurningPoint 8 tab, click "PC - Install" or "Mac" to download and install the software.

NOTE:  If you do not have administrative access to your computer, please contact your IT department about installing Turning Point. If you have any questions, please contact  Kenneth Hurd ( or 934-2246) in UME for assistance.