Preclinical Curriculum Session Materials

Lecture presentations and other session materials must be submitted to the designated Module Coordinator for a module or ICM by Module Directors, Clinical Co-Directors, ICM, and teaching faculty no less than 72 business hours before the respective session.

This helps to ensure that there is time for the presentation to be (1) loaded on the lecture room computers and/or small group and lab rooms and (2) checked in advance in the lecture room for functionality, audience response system (ARS) questions, video playback, etc.  If there are any difficulties with the presentation, those may be identified and remedied early with the lecturer if the materials have been provided in advance.

In addition, prompt advance receipt of presentations and supporting materials also (3) helps in making respective session materials available on the course Web site prior to the session date to assist with student preparation and studying.

All presentations must include the following four required slides (these required slides are included in the SOM UME Presentation Standardization Slide Template):

  • Introduction slide: with session title, course name, and presenter name
  • Outline slide: bulleted points of key words or topics covered in the session
  • Objectives slide: session objectives for material covered in the session. The same session objectives should be listed on the Instructional Topic Outline (ITO) for the given session. 
  • Summary slide: summarizes take-away points from session or main points discussed in the presentation. You may also refer back to particular session Objectives.

In addition, presentations in the lecture room must include content-relevant Audience Response System (ARS) questions.

You may name and organize the other slides in your presentation as most relevant for your presentation. The total number of slides in a presentation should be kept to a reasonable number of slides that may be covered in a 50-minute session (or other time allotted)

Every presentation should be accompanied by an Instructional Topic Outline (ITO) that has been filled out by the instructor/course director and provides relevant information about the session, session objectives, keywords, and additional resources.  Download the Instructional Topic Outline (ITO) here.

If there are independent study materials and/or archived Echo recordings used in conjunction with a session, please indicate those on the instructional topic outline (ITO).  This helps the students with their studies and aids staff in posting of appropriate materials to the course website that you provide for the session.