The University of Alabama School of Medicine Montgomery Internal Medicine Residency Program offers third and fourth year medical school students the opportunity to gain experience and proficiency while exploring specific medical interests chosen from a wide range of medical subspecialties and primary care (we can not offer observerships or electives to IMG's at this time).

The Montgomery Internal Medicine Program offers two distinct advantages. First, you'll have the opportunity for personal and professional growth in close working relationships with physicians and faculty associated with the nation's third-ranked medical center-the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Secondly, you'll become an active and integral member of a health care team in an off-campus, community-based setting, which provides exposure to a diversity of medical problems and practices.

The program is based in Montgomery, a regional acute care referral center for the 17 counties of central Alabama, with approximately 1,300 clinical beds and a highly sophisticated medical care system. The student is assigned to one or more of the teaching faculty for one month. Each elective is limited to one junior/senior medical student. Meals are supplied by the hospital and lodging may be arranged if needed. There is no mandatory on-call duty.

General Internal Medicine

grandroundsThis elective provides a good overview of primary care internal medicine with an emphasis on bedside teaching and practice under the guidance of residents and board certified internists practicing in a medium-sized community.
  • Students are based at Baptist Medical Center South, assigned to the General Medical Service
  • Students work closely with the residents evaluating and treating both private and unassigned patients, and in performing a complete history and physical examination, writing orders and arranging for the patient's discharge and follow-up
  • Daily Morning Reports, Work Rounds and Teaching Rounds are conducted with the house staff
  • Students are given as much responsibility as each is qualified to assume
  • Weekly Special Teaching Rounds and Grand Rounds in Medicine are conducted each Thursday by visiting professors from the University of Alabama School of Medicine and other medical schools throughout the nation
  • Daily subspecialty conferences are conducted on topics of interest in internal medicine
  • Bi-weekly Bedside Teaching Rounds are conducted by visiting faculty from UAB throughout the year

Cardiology Preceptorship

This elective provides an opportunity for students to encounter a broad range of cardiac diseases at the hospital and in the physician's office while under the close supervision of the preceptors in collecting the initial data and planning the diagnostic treatment course for each patient.
  • Emphasis is placed on diagnoses, both clinical and laboratory, and treatment
  • Students make daily rounds with the preceptor and participates in diagnostic and therapeutic procedures-EKG interpretation, Holter monitoring, angioplasty, cardiac catheterization, echocardiography, cardiac nuclear imaging, stress testing, pacing, defibrillation, and electrophysiological testing
  • Students have the opportunity to observe open heart surgery

Nephrology Preceptorship

Students work closely with clinical nephrologists to observe the spectrum of medical psychological and socioeconomic problems of patients with diseases of the urinary system and how they are handled by the practicing physician.
  • Observation of special renal problems
  • Experience includes both hospital and physician's office, renal dialysis units and renal biopsy

Emergency Medicine Preceptorship

ER MeetingIn this elective, students have the opportunity to work in the Emergency Department under the supervision of board certified emergency medicine physicians.
  • Emphasis is placed on initial evaluation and management of patients with acute disorders
  • Exposure to therapeutic interventions inclusive of endotracheal intubations, CPR, CVP catheter placement, sutures, thoracentesis and many others will be part of the clinical experience
  • Students participate in the care and triage of patients with simple or time urgent emergency situations

Hematology/Oncology Preceptorship

In this elective, students work with practicing hematologists and oncologists at the hospital and office.
Emphasis is on practical experience in dealing with hematology and oncology problems and on the performance and interpretation of special hematological procedures. Students gain experience in the following areas:
  • Workup of new patients in both hospital and office
  • Conducting marrow aspirations and biopsies
  • Performing differential cell counts on bone marrows and participation in marrow interpretation conferences
  • Participate in diagnosis of malignancies and planning and administration of drug regimens for various malignant diseases
  • Performance of special laboratory procedures such as special stains, coagulation factor assays and ferrokinetic studies.
  • Management of common chronic hematological problems; i.e., hemophilia, hemoglobinopathies, aplastic anemia, leukemia and anemia

Infectious Disease Preceptorship

labThis elective consists of a consultative practice at Baptist Medical Center South. The diversity of patient population will afford the student a breadth of experience in evaluating and managing patients with infectious disease disorders.
  • Emphasis is placed on gaining practical experience in the approach to a patient with a particular problem, with intensive didactic exposure in the obtaining of an in-depth history, including epidemiologic data; performance of a complete physical examination, and differential diagnostic possibilities
  • Hospital rounds are conducted throughout the entire day, with 3 half days a week seeing patients in the ambulatory setting. Students will gain experience in the evaluation and management of patients with HIV infection

Adult & Pediatric Dermatology Preceptorship

This elective is a hands-on exposure to dermatology. All new patients are seen and examined and after the diagnosis is made, management is discussed. Procedures, such as biopsying skin, local anesthesia, and cryosurgery, will be supervised.
  • Opportunities for procedures will be the highlight of the elective
  • Exposure in adult dermatology will include management of skin cancer,  precancerous conditions, and benign neoplasms
  • Discussion of treatment of inflammatory disorders of the skin, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, acne, rosacea, and hair loss will be a part of this experience
  • Exposure in pediatric dermatology will include atopic dermatitis, verruca vulgaris, molluscum contagiosum, hemangiomas, and management of melanocytic nevi

Psychology Preceptorship

In this elective, students are assigned to a clinical Psychologist faculty member in the assessment and treatment of patients who are under his care through referral from the residents and faculty.
  • Students complete a comprehensive project that involves a thorough biopsychological assessment of the patient. This would include 20 in-depth psychological assessments, a thorough history & physical examination, and a comprehensive assessment of the impact of the financial aspects of medical care on the individual
  • Opportunities are available to observe psychological testing and psychotherapy with particular emphasis on physical health problems for which behavioral interventions are sought, such as chronic pain conditions, headaches, stress related disorders, anxiety and somatoform disorders, affective disorders, and post traumatic stress disorder
  • There is also an emphasis on integration of psychological care of patients in an ambulatory medical setting

Pulmonary Preceptorship

This elective provides students the opportunity to gain experience in pulmonary medicine
  • Hospital rounds, pulmonary consultation, exposure to the use of diagnostic and therapeutic fiberoptic bronchoscopy, thoracentesis with pleural biopsy, etc., and intensive care pulmonary medicine including the management of the patient on a ventilator
  • Students are exposed to diagnosis & management of COPD, asthma, pulmonary masses and infiltrations, ventilators, sleep lab, PFTs, ABGs, etc.

To request an elective please e-mail your name, phone, choice of elective and date, and if lodging is needed to Joy Brown, Program Administrator,