How Health Insurance Reform Proposes to Help Rural Americans

Lower Costs

Preventive Care for Better Health: Health reform will ensure that all Americans have coverage of preventive services.

Ending the Hidden Tax:  Insured families pay a “hidden insurance tax” for the unpaid costs of the 20% of rural families who don’t have insurance by offering affordable insurance.

Financial Relief for Working Families: By ensuring coverage of basic health care services health reform will help rural families with their health care bills.

Greater Choices

One-Stop Shopping - Putting Families in Charge: Health insurance reform will create an exchange to simply and easily compare prices and health plans.

More Affordable Choices and Competition: Under reform, you will always have choices of quality, affordable health insurance even if you lose your job, change jobs, move or get sick.

Quality, Affordable Health Care

More Doctors Where People Need Them: Health reform will invest in the health care workforce to ensure that people in rural areas have access to doctors, nurses and high quality health care.

Eliminate Discrimination for Pre-Existing Conditions and Health Status: People in rural areas are more likely to have chronic health conditions. Health reform will prevent all insurance companies from denying coverage based on your health.

Tax Credits for Rural Small Business: Nearly a third of rural Americans work for small businesses which will benefit  from premium credits lowering the cost of insuring employees and enabling provision of health benefits.

Improve Access to Services: Health insurance reform legislation will expand tele-health as well as ground and air ambulance services to improve access to specialty care in times of need.

For more information, go to and search “rural medicine.”