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Family Physicians most recruited in U.S.

Family physicians top list of most-recruited specialties in the U.S.
Data from Merritt Hawkins' 2013 Review of Physician and Advanced Practitioner Recruiting Incentives showed family medicine was the most-recruited medical specialty in the U.S., followed by internal medicine. Hospitalist, psychiatry, emergency medicine and pediatrics were also among the top 10. (8/28)

Health Reform and Rural Americans

How Health Insurance Reform Proposes to Help Rural Americans

Lower Costs

Preventive Care for Better Health: Health reform will ensure that all Americans have coverage of preventive services.

Ending the Hidden Tax:  Insured families pay a “hidden insurance tax” for the unpaid costs of the 20% of rural families who don’t have insurance by offering affordable insurance.

Financial Relief for Working Families: By ensuring coverage of basic health care services health reform will help rural families with their health care bills.


RMP Class of 2018

The new class of the Rural Medicine Program was selected on June 6. The students are each from a different area of the state and represent 4 different colleges. OFHER is proud of each one these students and wants to wish them the best as they begin their studies at Auburn University in August.

HRPI Presentation Day

On July 19th the students in the Huntsville Rural Pre-med Internship finished the program with 4 group presentations:

  • “Anti-body Got Time for That! The Scoop on Antibiotics”
  • “Meth: Making It Crystal Clear”
  • “Bottling It Up: Coping with Grief”
  • “Don’t Burst the Bubble! The Bubble Boy Disease”