LCME Grants Full Accreditation to the School of Medicine 

This site contains relevant information and resources pertaining to the re-accreditation efforts for the School of Medicine for the LCME site team visit on March 9-12, 2014.

The re-accreditation efforts involve both an institutional self-study component (consisting of five main committees and various subcommittees) and an independent student analysis self-study component.

The SOM re-accreditation institutional self-study efforts involved participation of over 200 faculty members (including all departmental chairs), students, residents and staff members from the school, university and health system. Students participated in both the institutional committees and independent student analysis self-study processes.

The School of Medicine thanks each and every participant for their valued feedback, contributions, and efforts in the re-accreditation processes.

Projected timelines during the self-study process:

1) For the independent student analysis, the student survey and analysis component will be conducted between September to December 2012, with students sharing findings of the student self-study survey with the institutional self-study committees during the month of January 2013.

2) For the institutional self-study component, committee members will meet regularly between September 2012 and April 2013.

3) Self-study reports for both the independent student analysis and institutional self-study will be drafted during the Spring 2014.

4) Some members will participate in a mock site survey visit scheduled February 9-11 and in the actual site survey March 10-12, 2014.