There are five main SOM LCME Re-accreditation Institutional Self-Study committees corresponding to the five major categories of LCME standards for the March 2014 site visit.

Below is a listing of the SOM institutional self-study committees, respective subcommittees, and designated chairs.

Institutional Setting (IS) Committee: Bruce Korf, MD

  • (IS-A) Structure Function and Administrative Effectiveness: David Standaert, MD, PhD
  • (IS-B) Academic Environment and Diversity: David Chaplin, MD, PhD

Educational Program (ED) Committee: Peter Anderson, DVM, PhD
  • (ED-A) Educational Objectives: Kevin Leon, MD
  • (ED-B) Structure: Cheri Canon, MD
  • (ED-C) Teaching & Evaluation: Marjorie Lee White, MD
  • (ED-D) Curriculum Management: Andree Stoves, MD

Medical Students (MS) Committee: Mary Hawn, MD
  • (MS-A) Admissions: Harry Sontheimer, PhD
  • (MS-B) Student Services: Edward (Ned) Hook, MD
  • (MS-C) Learning Environment: Carolyn Ashworth, MD

Faculty (FA) Committee: Stuart Frank, MD
  • (FA-A) Number, Qualification & Functions: Mary-Ann Bjornsti, PhD
  • (FA-B) Personnel Policies & Governance: Etty (Tika) Benveniste, MD

Educational Resources (ER) Committee: Keith (Tony) Jones, MD
  • (ER-A) Finances: Stephanie Meadows, MBA
  • (ER-B) Facilities: Anupam Agarwal, MD, & Pam Bounelis, PhD
  • (ER-C) Information Resources & Library: T. Scott Plutchak, MLS