UAB Highlands Hospital
  • General Infectious Diseases 
    UAB Highlands is a general acute care facility located in the Medical Center District of Birmingham, Alabama, at 1201 11th Avenue South. Physicians on staff cover a full range of general, medical and surgical specialties. Dr. Delgado staffs the General Infectious Diseases Clinic.
  • Travelers Clinic
    The UAB Travelers Health Clinic is the largest of its kind in the state of Alabama and houses the Department of Travel Medicine, which focuses on the needs of travelers, particularly those who travel outside the country. The UAB Travelers Health Clinic offers same-week appointments for imminent departures, and all vaccines are stocked on site for immediate administration at the time of the appointment.
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The 1917 Clinic
The UAB 1917 Clinic provides comprehensive and compassionate health care for people with HIV infection. This is accomplished through specialty clinics for HIV patients with needs in dermatology, dental, oncology, neurology, addition recovery, and palliative care and social service support.
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University Hospital (Transplant Clinic)
UAB is consistently recognized as one of America’s top transplant centers, based on our history of innovation and achievement in organ transplantation. Patients travel to UAB from all over the world to avail themselves of the lifesaving skill, experience, and dedication exhibited by our internationally renowned transplant surgeons and physicians. Our patients benefit from the multidisciplinary collaboration among UAB specialists, who are recognized leaders in the treatment of end-stage organ failure and other conditions requiring transplantation.
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Birmingham Veterans Affairs Medical
The Birmingham VA Medical Center is an acute tertiary care facility with particularly strong programs in both medicine and surgery and serves as the primary referral center for the state.
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Personal Health Clinic
The Personal Health Clinic (PHC) located in the Community Care Building, was opened in August of 2003. The clinic specializes in caring for patients with sexually transmitted diseases and vaginitis. Approximately 10% of the clients are fee for service patients and the remainder are enrolled in clinical trials.  For more information, please call 205-996-2780.

jchd Jefferson County Health Department
The Division of Infectious Diseases has a longstanding relationship with the state and local health departments. Fellows attend both the STD clinic and a separate Tuberculosis management clinic during their fellowship.
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