Announcing the UAB Department of Medicine's Honor Winners of Infectious Diseases:
  • Peter Pappas and Martin Rodriguez were recognized as 2 of the 12 recipients of the "Cobbs/Rutsky Awards for Clinical Excellence."
  • Martin Rodriguez and Nick Van Wagoner were recognized as two of the Department of Medicine's "Top 10 Teachers."
  • John Baddley was recognized as the "Outstanding Teacher for the Division of Infectious Diseases."
  • Qiana Mathews was recognized as an "Unsung Hero," for her unfailing support of Division activities and mentorship.
  • Michael Saag was recognized for the "Best Lecturer in Patient, Doctor, and Society."
  • Edward Hook was selected as one of the co-recipients of the "Max Cooper Career Excellenece in Research" award.

More ID Honors:
  • Michael Mugavero, MD, MHSc awarded NIAID grant entitled “Integrating ENGagement and Adherence Goals upon Entry iENGAGE to Control HIV”

  • Amanda Willig, PhD speaks on classes aim to hook U.S. blacks on African Foods. Read the story and watch the video at the Associated Press (AP) website.