Weekly session focused on health services and outcomes research for trainees

The COERE and CCTS sponsor a weekly session fortrainees supported by T32, TL1, K12, and KL2 grants awarded by these centers. Health services and outcomes researchers from a range of training backgrounds, programs, schools, departments, anddivisions across the UAB campus convene Friday mornings from 8-9:30 AM in PCAMS

Topics are varied and include faculty led seminars, trainee led works in progress, and feedback sessions before national conference presentations, all focused on enhancing the interdisciplinary training of aspiring academic health services and outcomes researchers. We will begin the new academic year on Friday August 12, and trainees are able to attend any time throughout the year as their time and interest allows.

These sessions have always been an open forum, and we would welcome your pre-doctoral, post-doctoral trainees, and other early career investigators focused on health services and outcomes research to join our community of scholars on Friday mornings. For more information, pleasecontact Ryan Outman (routman@uab.edu). We look forward to your trainees joining us, contributing to our dynamic cadre of scholars, and hope this provides an opportunity to further enhance their training.