The Alabama/North Carolina STD/HIV Prevention and Training Center (AL/NC PTC) is a regional collaboration between a group of nationally respected experts in STD training and research. The center is comprised of faculty and staff from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), Wake Forest University Health Sciences (WFU), the Jefferson County (Alabama) Department of Health (JCDH), and the Guilford County (North Carolina) Department of Public Health (GCDPH). Utilizing faculty from each collaborating institution we provide experiential training at two state-of-the-art STD Clinics
Faculty and staff travel to locations throughout our 4-state region for further educational activities to improve STD/HIV care. Additionally, the AL/NC PTC partners with other organizations such as: the Southeast AIDS Training and Education Center (SEATEC); federally-qualified health centers; community health centers; state and local health departments in Alabama, Georgia, North and South Carolina; and local community health organizations to provide didactic education to clinicians who serve those at risk or infected with an STI.