Qiana_matthews Qiana L. Matthews, PhD
Assistant Professor


Medical School: Meharry Medical College
Postdoctoral Training: UAB


Our main research concentrates on developing a safe and effective HIV vaccine using human adenovirus (Ad)-based delivery strategies. In this regard, we focus on modifying adenovirus vectors to exhibit less (Ad5) vector immunogenicity, while focusing the immune response to HIV antigens by means of a novel chimeric Ad vector platform, antigen presentation, and immune activation platform. Our other interest in the laboratory include: (i) developing gene therapy models that will contribute to the advancement of biomedical sciences and human health. (ii) developing safe and effective vaccines for other infectious diseases. (iii) developing novel approaches to treat and HIV-associated malignancies. (iv) developing novel approaches to treat Uterine Leiomyoma.


  • January 2016 - Qiana Matthews, PhD (Infectious Diseases) recently received a grant from the The Instituto de Medicina Tropical Alexander von Humboldt, a tropical medicine institute at Cayetano Heredia University in Lima, Peru. The Institute has ongoing investigations in tuberculosis, leishmaniasis, malaria and HIV.

  • Amanda Willig, PhD, RD and Qiana Matthews, PhD awarded travel scholarships to attend the 2014 Scientific Symposium at the National CFAR Annual Meeting at Brown University.