nopicture Quianjun Li, PhD
Assistant Professor

Professional training
Graduate training: Beijing Agricultural University (China)
Post-doctoral training: Carnegie Mellon University, University of Florida at Gainesville

Research interests
Dr. Li’s research program offers a variety of research expertise focusing on Arthropod borne viruses (arboviruses), including Flavivirus (Dengue, yellow fever and West Nile virus), Alphavirus (Western Equine Encephalitis) and reovirus (Bluetongue virus). Dr. Li’s current research projects include the following: (1). Anti-viral drug discover against arboviruses and malaria. (2). General characterization of Flavivirus, Alphavirus, and reovirus, including the virus replication cycle, structure, and pathogenesis. (2). Hosts- virus interaction during arbovirus infection, and the role of apoptosis during arbovirus infection and the different apoptotic machineries in different hosts. The goal for Dr. Li’s research projects is to extend our knowledge of host-vector-pathogen interactions, and to develop new anti-viral and therapeutic in preventing and controlling arbovirus infection.