james tang lrgProfessor



  • Graduate training:
    • 1986, Beijing (China) Agricultural University (DVM)
    • 1988, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Scienced (MS)
    • 1993, The University of Queensland (PhD, Parasitology)
  • Post-doctoral training:
    • 1993, Marine Biological Laboratory Trainee
    • 1993-1996, Fellow, UAB Division of Geographic Medicine


As documented in over 90 peer-reviewed articles in two dozen scientific journals, Dr. Tang's research has evolved from parasite immunology and molecular entomology to immunogenetics and pharmacogenetics. His current work focuses on genetic and epigenetic contribution to infection and immunity in human populations. Several ongoing research projects funded by NIH (NIAID and NCI) deal with HIV-1 infection, vaccination against hepatitis B virus, and infection-related malignancies. For further details about Dr.Tang's research profile, please visit his data form at Tang Data Form.




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