james willigAssociate Professor


Medical School: Instituto Tecnologico de Santo Domingo (INTEC)
Residency: Internal Medicine, University of Virginia Roanoke-Salem
Fellowship: Infectious Diseases, UAB
Additional Post Graduate Training: Master of Science in Public Health, UAB


His interests in quality improvement and medical informatics have found expression in both research into quality issues in HIV primary care, as well as the design of software to enhance research and education.


These are the variables that compose what I refer to as "the equation that gets me out of bed in the morning":

  1. Patient care: continually endeavor to learn and provide better service to those it is my privilege to treat in Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases
  2. Research: pursue research with emphases on HIV and other chronic conditions to reveal new scientific insights with the goal or improving care
  3. Informatics: pursue the development of new software tools to aid patient care, research and education. Participate in institutional initiatives to strengthen our enterprise data warehouse to provide the analytic substrate for improved patient service, quality of care and research at UAB.
  4. Education: participate in medical education at the graduate and postgraduate levels to provide the finest training to our students to enable them to provide world class care to those they serve.

I endeavor to contribute to each of these at our world class university each day.

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