9/4/2008 Robert H. Carter, MD UAB The two-way interaction of B-cells and their antigen-presenting cells
9/11/2008 Phillip Scott, PhD University of Pennsylvania Memory T cells in leishmaniasis: A little goes a long way
9/18/2008 Charles O. Elson, III, MD UAB IgA as an immunoregulatory molecule?
9/25/2008 Randy Q. Cron, MD, PhD UAB FOXP3 and NFAT2, transcription factors with competing interests
10/2/2008 Boris C. Pasche, MD UAB TGFBR1 signaling alterations in cancer
10/9/2008 K. Mark Ansel, PhD University of California, San Francisco Gene silencing and RNA regulation of the adaptive immune response
10/16/2008 Dario Vignali, PhD St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Molecular control of T cell development and regulatory T cell function
10/23/2008 Robin Hatton, PhD UAB Cytokine gene regulation in the context of effector T cell differentiation
11/6/2008 Laurent Gapin, PhD University of Colorado Health Sciences Center Antigen recognition by NKT cells and repertoire formation
11/13/2008 Kohtaro Fujihashi, DDS UAB Mucosal targeting facilitates tolerance/immunity
11/20/2008 William E. Paul, MD NIAID CD4 T cells: Fates, functions, faults
12/4/2008 Daniel Bullard, PhD UAB Adhesion molecules: Multi-functional proteins that regulate the development of inflammatory diseases
12/11/2008 Hans-Christian Reinecker, MD, PhD Massachusetts General Hospital Mucosal subspecification of dendritic cells for tolerance and defense
12/18/2008 Susan Kaech, PhD Yale University School of Medicine Mechanisms of memory T cell development
1/8/2009 Arturo Casadevall, MD, PhD Albert Einstein College of Medicine New insights in antibody-mediated immunity
1/15/2009 James Crowe, MD Vanderbilt Medical Center Molecular basis for development of human high-affinity virus neutralizing antibodies
1/28/2009 Hildegund C.J. Ertl, MD The Wistar Institute Immune response to AAV vectors
1/29/2009 Christine Biron, PhD Brown University Shaping Type 1 IFN's biological effects by changing access to STAT signaling pathways: An innate immune system mechanism for doing more with less
2/5/2009 J. Edwin Blalock, PhD UAB New Therapeutic targets in pulmonary neutrophilic inflammation
2/12/2009 John P. Cannon, PhD University of South Florida at Tampa Evolution of jawed vertebrate immunity: Antigen receptors were just the beginning
2/19/2009 Chander Raman, PhD UAB The cooperative roles of IFN-b and IFN-g in neuroinflammation
2/26/2009 Christina Herrick, MD, PhD Yale University School of Medicine Deciphering the role of Th2 cells in atopic disease: From skin to airway and back again
3/12/2009 Pawel Muranski, MD NHLBI Treatment of established murine melanoma with Th17-polarized CD4+ cells
3/19/2009 Jeremy M. Boss, PhD Emory University School of Medicine Chromatin and epigenetic control of the immune response
4/2/2009 Paul A. Goepfert, MD UAB Can a CTL-based vaccine be used to control HIV?
4/16/2009 Yasmine Belkaid, PhD NIH Control of regulatory T cells by microbes
4/23/2009 Shiv S. Pillai, MD, PhD Harvard Medical School A gene encoding an enzyme that regulates B cell tolerance is mutated in human autoimmune disease
4/30/2009 Susan Bellis, PhD UAB Regulation of monocyte adhesion and survival by variant receptor glycosylation
5/7/2009 Lawrence Steinman, MD Stanford University, CA A molecular trio in relapse and remission of MS
5/21/2009 Salomon Amar, DDS, PhD Boston University Obesity is bacteria's little helper
5/28/2009 Peter J. Mannon, MD UAB Mucosal Treg cells in human inflammatory bowel diseases
6/4/2009 Robin Lorenz, MD, PhD UAB The role of P-glycoprotein in intestinal inflammation and injury repair


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