9/2/2010 Wayne Yokohama, MD Washington University NK cell tolerance via inhibitory and activation receptors
9/9/2010 Henry J. Forman, PhD University of California, Merced Signaling in alveolar macrophages: From lab curiosity to air-pollution-induced inflammation
9/16/2010 Laurence S. Lamb, PhD UAB Donor-derived innate lymphocyte therapy for glioblastoma multiforme: Final steps to clinical implementation
9/23/2010 Anupam Agarwal, MD UAB Heme oxygenase-1 in the regulation of the immune response: Implications in organ transplantation
Tuesday, 10/05/2010 K. Christopher Garcia, PhD Stanford University School of Medicine Insights into T cell and cytokine receptor function using combinatorial biology and structure
Friday, 10/08/2010 Simon Jones, PhD The School of Medicine, Cardiff, UK Identification of cytokine networks that define balance between competent host defense and inflammation-induced tissue damage
10/14/2010 Robin Lorenz, MD, PhD UAB The role of p-glycoprotein in intestinal inflammation and injury repair
10/28/2010 Michel Nussenzweig, MD, PhD Rockefeller University Antibody genes in Immunity and Cancer
11/11/2010 Hubert Tse, PhD UAB Reactive oxygen species regulate T Helper lineage commitment and T cell autoreactivity in Type 1 Diabetes
11/18/2010 Wenjun Ouyang, PhD Genentech Functions of IL-22 in tissue epithelial immunity
11/25/2010 Thanksgiving Holiday: No seminar
12/2/2010 Chad Steele, PhD UAB Innate immune reactivity against fungal pathogens of the lung
12/9/2010 Ronald Gill, PhD University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada Islet transplantation in the setting of autoimmunity
12/16/2010 Robert D. Schreiber, PhD Washington University School of Medicine A molecular basis of cancer immunoediting
12/23/2010 Christmas Holiday: No Seminar

New Year's Eve Holiday: No seminar

1/6/2011 Richard Kaslow, MD UAB

Variation in human leukocyte antigen (HLA) and killer immunoglobulin-like receptor (KIR) genes: Lessons from HIV/AIDS

1/13/2011 Dmitry I Gabrilovich, MD, PhD University of South Florida

Myeloid-derived suppressor cells in regulation of immune responses in cancer

1/20/2011 Alessandro Sette, PhD La Jolla Institute for Allergy & Immunology

Immunomic analysis of complex infectious pathogens and allergens

1/27/2011 You-Wen He, MD, PhD Duke University School of Medicine Autophagy in T Lymphocyte function
2/3/2011 Jan Novak, PhD UAB Antibodies, autoantibodies and glycans
2/10/2011 Mark E. Curran, PhD Centocor, R&D, Inc Biomarkers for inflammatory diseases: Lessons from the development of novel anti-TNF and anti-IL12/23 therapeutics
2/24/2011 Lesley Smythies, PhD UAB Stromal/extracellular matrix regulation of mucosal effector cells
3/3/2011 Louis B. Justement, PhD UAB TLT2: a common receptor with an uncommon role in regulating innate immune responses and immune cell chemotaxis
3/10/2011 Jennie Ting, PhD University of North Carolina School of Medicine

NLRs and Plexins: Inflammation and Infection

3/17/2011 John Wherry, PhD The Wistar Institute

Regulation of CD8 T cell memory during chronic infection

3/24/2011 Laurie Harrington, PhD UAB A paradoxical role of Th1 cells during autoimmunity
4/28/2011 Mark Walter, PhD UAB Structural biology of class 2 cytokine receptor complexes
5/12/2011 Warner C. Greene, MD, PhD University of California at San Francisco

Murder on HIV Express: Surprising insights into how CD4 Cells die

5/26/2011 Moon Nahm, MD UAB Pneumococcal capsule diversity and flexibility
6/2/2011 James George, PhD UAB Regulation of vascular disease and immunity in mice by Heme Oxygenase-1
6/9/2011 Grant Gallagher, PhD Humigen, LLC A naturally-occurring soluble variant of the IL-23 receptor inhibits Th17 development
6/23/2011 Eliver E.B. Ghosn, PhD Stanford University School of Medicine The layered immune system: New insights into the ontogeny of B-cell subsets and their response to various antigens
8/4/2011 Susan Wong, MD, PhD Cardiff University Insulin reactive T cells in type I diabetes
8/11/2011 Troy D. Randall, PhD University of Rochester Medical Center Local immune responses to tumors and other antigens in the peritoneal cavity


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