9/1/2011 Hui-Chen Hsu, PhD UAB Autoreactive germinal centers directed by IL-17 producing CD4 T cells
9/8/2011 Jianming 'James" Tang, PhD UAB Immunity to HIV: Lessons from population-based studies
9/22/2011 Jessy Deshane, PhD UAB Myeloid-derived regulatory cells in inflammation
9/29/2011 Nabiha Yusuf, PhD UAB Toll like receptor-4 mediated cutaneous immune responses:Implications for photodamage and tumor development”.
10/3/2011 Adrian Hayday, PhD King's College London, UK The biology and clinical applications of lymphoid stress-surveillance
10/6/2011 Yueh-Hsiuh Chien, PhD Stanford University From (the lack of) thymic selection to IL-17 production, why gamma delta T cells are indispensable
10/13/2011 Rachael A. Clark, MD, PhD Brigham and Women's Hospital What skin diseases are teaching us about human T cell biology
10/27/2011 John F. Kearney, PhD UAB Modulation of allergic airway disease and type 1 diabetes by B cells and antibodies
11/3/2011 Hans-Martin Jaeck, MD Friedrich-Alexander University, Erlangen, Germany RNA controls B cells
11/17/2011 David Randolph, MD, PhD UAB T cells go to high school: Secondary education and tolerance of recent thymic emigrants in the periphery
11/24/2011 Thanksgiving Holiday - No seminar
12/1/2011 Lisa Schwiebert, PhD UAB Exercising the immune response within the asthmatic lung
12/8/2011 James Moon, PhD MGH, Harvard Medical School Studying the self-antigen specific T cell repertoire
12/22/2011 Christmas Holiday - No Seminar

New Year's Eve Holiday - No seminar

1/5/2012 Marcus Altfeld, MD, PhD Massachusetts General Hospital Antiviral NK cell function in HIV infection
1/19/2012 Etty (Tika) Benveniste, PhD UAB Targeting the JAK/STAT pathway for treatment of CNS diseases
1/26/2012 David Chaplin, MD, PhD UAB Mycoplasma pneumoniae and asthmatic inflammation: The chicken and the egg
2/2/2012 Sergey Suchkov, MD, PhD First Moscow State Medical University and Moscow State Medical & Dentistry University Introduction to predictive and preventive medicine: Antibody-Proteases as molecular tools to predict and to prevent demyelination
2/9/2012 Patrick C. Wilson, MD, PhD The University of Chicago Human B cell responses to influenza
2/16/2012 David Masopust, PhD University of Minnesota at Minneapolis Memory CD8 T cells: Issues of quantity, quality and location
2/23/2012 Annette HH van Boxel-Dezaire, PhD Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Lerner Research Institute Unraveling the Complexity of the Signaling Pathways Activated by IFN-β in order to explain Cell Type-specific Responses and Individual Responsiveness to IFN-β Therapy in Multiple Sclerosis
3/8/2012 Douglas Green, PhD St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Cutting both ways: How caspases promote and prevent cell death
3/15/2012 Mark M. Davis, PhD Stanford University T cell recognition and repertoire
3/22/2012 John Mountz, MD, PhD UAB Menacing Myeloid cells conspire to cause autoimmune disease, from GC to Effector Cells
3/29/2012 Charles Surh, PhD Scripps Research Institute T cell recognition of self and commensal microbial antigens
4/5/2012 Tak Mak, PhD Princess Margaret Hospital, Toronto

Control of Immune Homeostasis

4/12/2012 Ramnik Xavier, MD MGH, Boston Genes and pathway maps in IBD
4/19/2012 Rafael Casellas, PhD NIH/NIAMS B cell susceptibility to translocations: nuclear architecture or promiscuous hypermutation?
4/26/2012 Randall Davis, MD UAB Dual Functionality of FCRL Molecules in Innate-like B Cells
5/3/2012 Anath Shalev, MD UAB

TXNIP, diabetes and inflammation

5/10/2012 Marco Colonna, MD Washington University School of Medicine

Innate lymphoid cells in mucosal immunity

6/14/2012 Lora Hooper, PhD UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, TX Immune defense of the intestinal epithelial surface


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