Seminars are in the Bevill Biomedical Research Building, room 170, on the dates shown below, from 4:00 - 5:00 p.m.





9/6/2012 Harry W. Schroeder, Jr, MD, PhD UAB

Immune Deficiency, Autoimmunity and
Control of the Antibody Repertoire

9/13/2012 Jason Cyster, PhD University of California
San Francisco
Oxysterols and sphingolipids in B cell immunity
9/20/2012 Janusz H. Kabarowski, Ph.D. UAB HDL as a therapeutic in Lupus
10/11/2012 Troy Randall, PhD UAB Programming memory CD8+ T cells
10/18/2012 Matthew Krummel, PhD University of California
San Francisco

The Immune Bee-Hive: Motor-protein Regulated Motility, Motile Synapses and the Generation of Collective Behaviors in the Immune Response

10/25/2012 Frances Lund, PhD UAB Regulation of central and effector memory B cell differentiation by T-bet expressing B cell effectors
11/1/2012 J. Edwin Blalock, PhD UAB A Mechanism for Self-Propagating Neutrophilic Inflammation in Chronic Lung Diseases
11/8/2012 Allan Zajac, PhD UAB Tuning CD8 T cell Responses
11/15/2012 Charles O. Elson, MD UAB Microbiota and Immune Homeostasis
11/22/2012 Thanksgiving Holiday - No seminar
12/6/2012 Anette H. H. van Boxel-Dezaire, M.Sc., Ph.D. Cleveland Clinic Foundation Lerner Research Institute Unraveling the Complexity of the IFN-β-Induced Signaling Pathways in order to explain Cell Type-Specificity and Individual Responsiveness to IFN-β Therapy in Multiple Sclerosis
12/27/2012 Christmas Holiday - No Seminar
01/3/2013 Hiromi Kubagawa, MD UAB What we have learned so far about the IgM Fc receptor (FcμR)
02/07/2013 Chander Raman, PhD UAB CD5: An “old” molecule with “new” functions
02/14/2013 Jonas Almeida, PhD UAB Integrative Bioinformatics for BigData Biomedical Research
02/21/2013 L. Flores-Romo, MD, PhD CINVESTAV, Mexico City, Mexico Of Mice and men: Immunology Research in Mexico
2/28/2012 Laura Timares, PhD UAB Vaccine-induced protection against chemical carcinogenesis
3/7/2013 Mark Kaplan, PhD Indiana University Th9 cells: Differentiation and disease
03/14/2013 Daniel Cua, PhD Merck Research Laboratories, Palo Alto, California  

IL-23 regulation of innate and adaptive immunity

3/21/2013 Roland Tisch, PhD University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill  

Reestablishing beta cell-specific tolerance in type 1 diabetes

04/04/2013 Arup Chakraborty, PhD MIT How to hit HIV where it hurts
04/11/2013 John C. Luckey, MD, PhD Harvard Medical School Cytokine control of memory CD8+ T cell homeostatic self-renewal
04/18/2013 S. Louis Bridges, Jr., MD, PhD UAB

 Pathogenesis of Rheumatoid Arthritis and Biomarkers of Response to Immunomodulators

04/25/2013 Hubert Tse, PhD UAB  Oxidative Stress and Type 1 Diabetes Immune Responses
05/09/2013 Michael B. Brenner, MD Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard University iNKT cells: Innate lipid sensing T cells regulate immune responses
05/16/2013 Elliott Lefkowitz, PhD UAB  Poxviruses and the evolution of an

anti-immune system

05/30/2012 Zdenek Hel, PhD UAB  Role of neutrophils in HIV-1 pathogenesis and the effect of hormonal contraception on mucosal transmission of HIV-1
6/6/2013 Russell Vance, PhD University of California, Berkley  Cytosolic surveillance as a strategy for innate detection of bacterial pathogens
06/13/2013 Shimon Sakaguchi, MD, PhD Immunology Frontier Research Center, Osaka University, Japan  
06/27/2013 Susan Bellis, PhD  UAB  


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