Program in Immunology Seminar Series: Academic Year 2014 - 2015

Seminars are in the Bevill Biomedical Research Building, room 170, on the dates shown below, from 4:00 - 5:00 p.m.





Special Seminar
Maria Julia Westerink, MD University of Toledo The immune response to pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccination: a B cell's perspective
9/18/2014 Lawrence S. Lamb, PhD UAB Combination Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy for High-Grade CNS Tumors using Drug-Resistant Gene-Modified T Cells
9/25/2014 Rakesh Patel, PhD UAB Role of endothelial N-glycan zip-codes in immune cell trafficking
10/2/2014 Tracy McGaha, PhD Georgia Regents University, Augusta, GA Metabolic Signals and Prevention of Immunogenic Cell Death
10/30/2014 Cox Terhorst, PhD Harvard Medical School SLAM Family Cell Surface Receptors: Bridging Innate and Adaptive Immune Responses
11/6/2014 Amy Weinmann, PhD UAB The molecular balance between lineage-specifying transcription factors impacts the metabolic and cell cycle profiles of T cells
11/13/2014 Phillip D. Smith, MD UAB Role of mucosal macrophages in enteric CMV and HIV-1 infections
Special Seminar
Ulus Atasoy, MD University of Missouri School of Medicine Posttranscriptional gene regulation:sometimes small fish are more important than big ones
11/20/2014 Gregory F. Sonnenberg, PhD University of Pennsylvania Immune regulation of intestinal health and disease
11/27/2014 Thanksgiving Holiday - No seminar
12/4/2014 Brian T. Fife, PhD University of Minnesota, Minneapolis Identifying antigen specific cells in type 1 diabetes and pathways for T cell tolerance
12/11/2014 Heidi H. Kong, MD National Cancer Institute The skin microbiome in health and skin diseases
12/18/2014 Stuart Frank, MD UAB Growth Hormone Signaling: Better Living through Partnership
12/25/2014 Christmas Holiday - No Seminar
1/1/2015 New Year Holiday - No Seminar
1/8/2015 Alexander Szalai, PhD UAB C-reactive protein and T cell fate in CNS disease: an update
1/15/2015 Laurie Harrington, PhD UAB Intestinal Immunity during Homeostasis and Disease
1/22/2015 Anath Shalev, MD UAB Diabetes, Cytokines and Thioredoxin-Interacting Protein
1/29/2015 Thorsten Mempel, MD, PhD Harvard Medical School T cell migration and function during the anti-tumor response
Special Seminar
Darrell Pilling, PhD Texas A & M University, College Station, TX Regulation of inflammation and fibrosis by endogenous proteins: Role of Slit2 and pentraxins
2/19/2015 Michael Sieweke, PhD CNRS, France Control of macrophage self renewal and identity
2/26/2015 Nabiha Yusuf, PhD UAB Toll like receptor-4: Potential player in immunological responses in skin cancer
3/5/ 2015 Robin Hatton, PhD UAB  The expanding universe of IL-2 regulation
3/12/2015 Hui Hu, PhD UAB A Fox(y) link between T cell quiescence and Tfh cell differentiation
3/19/2014 John Volanakis Immunology Lecture

Marc Jenkins, PhD
University of Minnesota What can one T cell do?
3/26/2015 Frank Carbone, PhD The University of Melbourne, Australia Generation and Function of Tissue-Resident Memory T cells
4/9/2015 Matthew Stoll, MD, PhD UAB Microbiota in Spondyloarthritis
4/16/2015 Lionel B. Ivashkiv, MD Weill Cornell Medical College, NY  Epigenetic Regulation of Macrophage Polarization and Activation
4/23/2015 Robert Stroud Advanced Immunology Trainee Seminar

Preeyam Patel
   (Mentor: John Kearney,                  DDS, PhD)

Daniel Silberger
   (Mentor: Casey Weaver,                MD)

B Cells Generated As a Result of Early Microbial Exposure Dampen the Development of Allergic Disease During Adult Life

Role of IL-21 in Adaptive Immunity to Citrobacter rodentium
5/7/2015 David Artis, PhD Jill Roberts Institute for Research in Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Weill Cornell Medical College, NY
 Immune Regulation at Barrier Surfaces


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