Effective July 1, 2012, I had the privilege of becoming the program director for our residency program.  I am honored to continue the tradition of excellence in medical education for which UAB is nationally known, and to build upon the wonderful tradition in medical education established by Dr. Dismukes and Dr. Heudebert. 

As the accreditation requirements change (again!), our residency program has never been stronger.  We remain one of the top tier Internal Medicine Residency Programs in the country and our geographic recruitment of trainees expands each year.  We are developing electives in Patient Safety, Women’s Health, Disparities, and Medical Education.  Next year, we will add a Global Health Track to our long standing Primary Care Track (director, Dr. Alan Stamm) and Women’s Health Track (director, Dr. Erin Snyder).  We continue to have one of the best Medicine-Pediatrics residency programs in the country, under the direction of Dr. J. R. Hartig (former UAB resident and Med-Peds CMR 1996-2000).  

We remain committed to preserving our core values of excellence in medicine – valuing patient ownership, clinical reasoning, and professionalism. To quote our first Chairman of the Department of Medicine, Dr. Tinsley Harrison, we believe “no greater opportunity, responsibility, or obligation can fall to the lot of a human being than to become a physician.”  Please come visit or send an email (lwillett@uab.edu) to update me on your personal and professional accomplishments.  I look forward to hearing from you and advancing our Department of Medicine’s longstanding commitment to excellence for educating our future physicians. 

-Lisa Willett, M.D.
 Program Director