It has truly been an honor to spend this year serving a program that we love dearly. The year has been outstanding and we have learned even more about why this residency program is so exceptional - it is full of wonderful people. The residents that come to UAB have a passion for providing quality care for patients and the staff and leadership continually work towards the best interests of the program. To be able to witness this and work in this environment has been an incredible experience for all of us.
We have each learned valuable skills that will continue to impact our future practices. Collectively, our favorite aspects of the year have been spending 16 weeks attending on inpatient wards at both the VA and the Tinsley Harrison service at UAB. We were granted the opportunity to each spend time with our Chairman of Medicine, Dr. Seth Landefeld throughout the year. With this opportunity, we were able to develop a leadership curriculum and gain valuable insight into the workings of a university hospital.

We are truly grateful for such a rewarding experience. We are proud of UAB and its rich tradition and we look forward to what the future holds for this remarkable institution.

- Trey, Amanda, Chris , and Sam

Trey and Amanda Clark will be moving to Cleveland, Ohio in June. Trey will be starting cardiology fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic. Amanda will be working as an academic hospitalist and will continue to develop her interests in medical education and clinical reasoning.

Sam McElwee will be starting a fellowship in Cardiology at UAB. He and his fiancée Shannon will be married this fall.

Chris Roth will be starting a Cardiology fellowship at UAB. He and his wife Natalie, have a son Jack, who is 1 year old. They are expecting a second child this summer