By Adam Edwards, M.D. and Ashley Haddad. M.D.
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The UAB Tinsley Harrison Internal Medicine Residency Program would like to extend a warm welcome to the class of 2014-2015 Internal Medicine interns – and what a fantastic class it promises to be! Demographically, professionally, and culturally diverse, the 36 new matches hail from medical schools in 17 different states and 2 countries. Almost half of the class is represented by women. The program couldn’t be happier, with beaming faculty and residents eager to greet the new recruits this July.

At the other end of our residency spectrum, we commend our UAB Internal Medicine seniors, with fellowship match details below:

26 residents matched into 10 academic fields including eight individuals pursuing careers in cardiology, four gastroenterology, four hematology-oncology, three pulmonary/ critical care, three nephrology, one allergy/immunology, one endocrinology, one geriatrics, one palliative care, and one rheumatology. Twelve of the twenty-six residents will be staying at UAB for fellowship; the remainder will be venturing on to programs including Cleveland Clinic, Duke, Emory, Loma Linda, Moffitt Cancer Center, MUSC, OHSU (Portland), Oschner New Orleans, UT-Houston, UT-Memphis, UT-MB Galveston, and Wake Forest. An additional fourteen senior residents will be taking jobs in Hospital or General Internal Medicine across the country from Birmingham to Nashville, Boston, and Philadelphia.

Congratulations to all of our incoming and outgoing residents, and best of luck in the years to come!