Dinner with the Residents

You will be invited to attend dinner with our residents the night before your interview day. Spouses are invited. You will be provided the restaurant name and phone number prior to your arrival.


Interview Day

We begin the morning at 7:00 a.m. with an introduction from our program director, Dr. Lisa Willett. Afterwards, applicants will be split into groups to attend either inpatient or ambulatory morning reports.

Interviews will be held from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Interviews will take place as follows:

  • Categorical applicants – One 10-15 minute interview with a program director and one 30 minute interview with a selection committee member.
  • Preliminary applicants – One 30 minute interview with a chief medical resident.
  • Medicine – Pediatric applicants – One 30 minute interview with a selection committee member. Your program director interview will happen later in the day when you meet with the Medicine-Pediatrics program.

Program Director interviews will be done by Dr. Lisa Willett or Dr. Jason Morris. Our selection committee is made up of select faculty members in the UAB Department of Medicine from all divisions. From 11:00 a.m. to Noon, applicants will be escorted by one of our current residents on a tour through the UAB Medical Center.

At noon, the group will have lunch with some of our current residents. 

The interview day will conclude at 1:00 p.m.

Interview Survival FAQ

How do I know where to go on the day of my interview?
You will receive detailed communications and directions prior to your interview. UAB also has a handy interactive map of the campus to help you find your way around.

How do I know where to stay in Birmingham?
Applicants will receive an email from the residency program prior to their interview with recommendations on accommodations close to the hospital. The Doubletree Hotel on University Boulevard and the Courtyard by Marriott on 5th Avenue South are the two most popular hotels.

How do I get the information for dinner the night before?
The program will send you an email via ERAS the week before your interview giving you the name of the restaurant, the address and the phone number in case you get lost. You are responsible for transportation to the restaurant. If you need assistance, please inform our office and we can help you arrange transportation.

What is the attire for dinner the night before?
The attire is business casual; khaki pants and a button down shirt for the guys and a dress pants and top or a dress for the ladies.

Do I need to drive myself to the interview?
All of the hotels that we recommend are within walking distance of the hotel with the exception of the Sheraton Downtown. The Sheraton has a shuttle that runs to UAB in the mornings and picks up in the afternoon.

How is the weather in Alabama during interview season?
November is typically cool in the mornings and mild in the afternoons; December is typically cool all day; and January is typically cold all day. A light jacket would be appropriate in December and a heavy jacket in January. Rain is unpredictable so make sure to bring a small umbrella just in case.

Will there be a lot of walking?
Yes. You will be touring University Hospital and/or the VA. For you ladies that will wear heels, you may want to throw a pair of flats in your bag/purse for the day.

What time does the day begin and end?
The day begins at 7:00 A.M. with a presentation by the Program Director. The day ends at approximately 2:15/ 2:30 after the bus tour of the city. The bus tour is not mandatory however very informational for those applicants who have never been to Birmingham. If you choose not to take the bus tour, your day will end at 1:00.

If I drive to my interview, where do I park?
You can park in the visitor’s parking deck on the corner of 19th Street South/ University Blvd. or you can park in the hospital parking deck located on 4th Ave South between 18th and 19th Street. Please bring your parking ticket with you and the program will validate your parking for both decks at the end of the day.