ISHLT 34th Annual Meeting and Scientific Sessions, April 10 – 13, 2014, San Diego, CA

Intermacs Eighth Annual Meeting: Critical Issues in the MCSD Evolution/Revolution, May 4-5, 2014, Arlington, VA

INTERMACS: Present and Future

Predicting Major Outcomes after MCSD Implant

The Continued Expansion of MCSDs into Pediatric Patients

Alignment of Comparative Effectiveness through MedaMACS  

Vexing Issues in Mechanical Circulatory Support

MCSD “Pump Thrombosis”

CMS / Joint Commission / INTERMACS

Whose Uncertainty? Which Equipoise?

Debate: Equipoise Exists for a Trial in the Less ill Heart Failure Patient
Value Based Care and the Role of INTERMACS in our Evolving Health Care Environment