Funding Opportunities

More investigators are exploring ways to improve the health of minority and underserved populations. Since 2005, the MHRC has provided $4.1 million in seed money to 88 investigators through pilot research awards. This investment has resulted in a return of $118.5 million in extramural funding (1:29 ratio).

Current Funding Opportunities

Request for Applications:
Research Projects on Disparities in African American Men's Health throughout the Life Course

The Center for Healthy African American Men through Partnerships (CHAAMPS) (U54MD008620), led by the University of Minnesota and the University of Alabama at Birmingham, invites applications for translational and community-based research projects on disparities in the health of African American males in the following areas:

  • chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease, stroke, hepatitis C, and cancer
  • unintentional and violence-related injuries and homicide
  • head injuries in athletes
Number of Awards: Four to six projects will be funded.
Award Budget: Awards will be up to $75,000 in total costs for the entire duration of the project.
Award Period: The award project period is one (1) year.
Eligibility: Faculty members at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, University of Minnesota, Johns Hopkins University, MD Anderson Cancer Center, and University of California, Davis are eligible to apply.
Applications Due: February 15, 2017 (Only those who have already received notice of approved Letter of Intent may submit a full application.) click here to submit
Project Start Date: July 1, 2017 
Request for Application (RFA)

Requests for Applications:
Deep South Resource Center for Minority Aging Research (RCMAR) (P30AG031054)

Invites Letters of Intents to Apply for One-Year Pilot Grants
Focusing on Minority Aging and Health Disparities in the African American Population
The Deep South RCMAR focuses on health issues for which disparities between older African Americans and whites have been established, giving special emphasis to issues related to rural elders; intervention research addressing exercise, diet, or preventive health strategies; and studies addressing socio-economic, discrimination, trust or bioethical issues impacting physical or mental health. Proposals must demonstrate relevance to minority aging and health disparities in the African American population, and should focus on specific social, cultural, or behavioral mechanisms to improve physical and mental health or cognitive function. Further description is included in the full Request For Applications (RFA). 

RCMAR Renewal Submission: The RFA for the renewal is anticipated in the near future. We plan to respond and will include Pilot Grant applications which are anticipated to be included. The RFA is currently not out, and the renewal deadline is not posted at this time.

Number of Awards: Three projects may be funded.
Award Budget:
Based on previous funding cycles, we anticipate pilot developmental projects of up to $25,000 may be funded in the 2017-2018 cycle.
Award Project Period:
Expected to be July 1, 2017 - June 30, 2018 
Faculty members at Morehouse School of Medicine, Tuskegee University, University of Alabama, and UAB at the rank of Instructor to Associate Professor are eligible. Minority faculty members are encouraged to apply.

Key Dates
Letter of Intent (LOI) Due: On or before September 29, 2016
Applications Due:
On or before November 1, 2016
Project Start Date:
July 1, 2017
Request for Applications (RFA)
Click here to submit your LOI
Letters of Intent and Applications must be submitted electronically. No paper submissions will be accepted.

Call for Research Concepts:
Secondary Data Analysis on Social Determinants of Obesity and Related Chronic Diseases

The Mid-South Transdisciplinary Collaborative Center for Health Disparities Research (Mid-South TCC) (U54MD008176) invites research proposals for secondary data analysis on obesity and related chronic diseases, with a focus on social determinants and the mechanisms connecting them to health disparities. Note that variables beyond income and educational attainment are necessary for a proposal to be competitive. 

Number of Awards: Up to three projects will be funded.
Award Budget: Up to $15,000 in total costs
Award Period: November 1, 2016-April 30, 2017
Eligibility: Faculty members at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Jackson State University, University of Mississippi Medical Center, Louisiana State University, and Dillard University are eligible to apply.
Concept Due Date: October 1, 2016
Call for Research Concepts