The UAB School of Medicine is located at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.  One of the South's premier research universities, the School of Medicine is dedicated to the education of physicians and scientists in all of the disciplines of medicine and biomedical investigation.

The Medical School

The facilities for teaching have improved dramatically in the last ten years. Since 2000, a new six-story Volker Hall educational tower on the Birmingham campus has been constructed and occupied.

Two floors of this educational tower provide student learning communities. They contain sufficient space for small-group learning for the entire first- and second-year classes. The community floors contain lockers for all students, lounge space, and a quiet study room with individual study carrels. Each floor is equipped with desktop computers and wireless access.

The third floor contains a large multi-tiered seminar room seating 75 and a 20-room clinical skills facility equipped with digital recording capabilities for use in standardized patient training, student learning, and student assessment. The clinical skills facility serves as our OSCE center for testing first-, second- and 4th-year students and is the location of our Introduction to Clinical Medicine Program.

The older part of Volker Hall contains the large lecture halls, gross anatomy labs, computing facilities, and general science labs.

Clinical Education Facilities

Clinical education in Birmingham occurs at a variety of state-of-the art hospitals and clinics.

Large patient turnover and numbers allows students a wide variety of patient exposures. An expansion of ambulatory exposure in several core clerkships is desirable.

Clinical Skills Center

The 20-room Clinical Skills Center located in the medical school is an excellent new facility for students to develop, practice, and test clinical skills with standardized patients. The CSL supplements clinical experiences in the ICM course and serves as the site for the OSCE in both ICM and at the end of the third year. Several clerkships (Pediatrics and Ob/Gyn) have used this facility, for grant supported programs, to supplement clinical exposures.

School of Medicine News and Publications

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