MSTP Student Representatives

Primarily, the student reps are responsible for maintaining contact between students and the administration. Although they can always go directly to the administration, students should feel free to contact their representatives about any problems they may see with the program. The reps should also communicate viewpoints/ideas of students and be able to speak on behalf of various students. Reps are expected to attend monthly MSTP staff meetings and be involved with the inner workings of the program. Reps are the voice of the students in discussing program policies, both new and old. Therefore, they are often able to communicate new requirements and explain the reasoning behind them.

  • MSTP Class Representatives
  • APSA Representatives
  • SEMSS Representatives
  • Griffin Society
  • Events Committee
  • Communications Committee
  • MSTP CAMS Committee

MSTP Class Representatives

  • Garrett Brinkley (Rising MS2)
  • Tyler McCaw (Rising GS1)
  • Nicholas Eustace (GS2)
  • David Figge (GS3/GS4)
  • Jennifer Stanley (MS3/MS4)
  • Stephanie Robert (MS3/MS4)
  • Morgan Locy (UASOM Medical Education Committee Representative [MEC]) 

American Physician Scientist Association (APSA) Representatives

The APSA is a national organization dedicated to addressing the needs of future physicians and their training and career development. They have an annual meeting each year in Chicago (usually in April) that is held in conjunction with the American Society for Clinical Investigation/Association of American Physicians. The UAB MSTP provides funds for the Institutional Representative to attend this annual meeting. The responsibility of the institutional representative are to serve as a liaison between APSA and the physician-scientist student population at UAB.

  • Travis Hull (UAB APSA Representative and President)
  • Jennifer Stanley (UAB APSA Vice President)
  • Alice Weaver (UAB APSA Treasurer)
  • Stephanie Robert (UAB APSA Secretary)
  • Alex Dussaq (APSA Web Master) 

Southeastern Medical Scientist Symposium (SEMSS) 

The SEMSS is hosted by MSTP students from UAB, Emory, and Vanderbilt and seeks to (1) foster dialogue and networking among MD/PhD trainees at institutions in the Southeast US; (2) provide opportunities to present research beyond a school-wide setting; and (3) educate undergraduate students possibly interested in MD/PhD programs. The SEMMS is sponsored by the American Physician Scientist Association (APSA).

  • Jennifer Stanley (MS3; Undergrad Travel Awards)
  • Muhan Hu (GS1; Programming)
  • Carson Moseley (GS4)
  • Elizabeth Ma (GS3)
  • Emma Dean (MS1)
  • Patrick Molina (MS1)
  • Jacelyn Peabody (MS1) 

Griffin Society Representatives

This committee is responsible for interaction with our Physician-Scientist Advisory Group to help set up our Clinical Continuity Experiences. This includes identifying physicians in various specialty areas for shadowing opportunities, as well as interacting with the Medicine Residency Program Directors to identify residents willing to work with our students to help keep up their history and physical skills.

MSTP Griffin Society Representatives

  • William Geisler, MD, MSTP Clinical Associate Director
  • Alice Weaver (GS3; 2014-2015 Chair)
  • Heather Allen (MS3)
  • Brandon Fox (GS3)
  • Kelsey Patterson (GS2)
  • Will Webb (GS2)
  • Evida Dennis (GS2)
  • Stephen Gragg (GS1)
  • Kristin Olson (GS1)

Events Committee

The Events Committee is responsible for helping to plan the Annual MSTP Retreat and the new MSTP Student Picnic.  This group will also be responsible for helping to organize all our student interactions during recruiting, including student hosts, dinners, social hours, the second visit party, etc.

MSTP Events Committee Members

  • Jonathan Lockhart (GS4)
  • Jeremie Lever (GS1; 2014-2015 Chair)
  • Ryan Berry (GS3)
  • Vincent Laufer (GS3)
  • Morgan Locy (GS2)
  • Ryne Ramaker (GS2)
  • Nicholas Eustace (GS2)
  • Mark Pepin (GS1)
  • Stephen Gragg (GS1)
  • Sushma Boppana (MS2)
  • Emma Dean (MS1)
  • Asher Krell (MS1)
  • Jacelyn Peabody (MS1)

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is responsible for writing and producing "The Vulcan Letter," our semiannual newsletter that chronicles all things MSTP and showcases the energy and fun spirit of our band of merry pranksters while highlighting the national recognition our students and our program continue to accrue.  It is also a great opportunity to keep in touch with our alumni, while learning about their experiences after graduation and gaining some insight into what our future may hold.  This committee is also responsible for updating the MSTP blog "UnABridged". Ideas, stories, or pictures can be sent to the Communications Committee at

MSTP Communications Committee Members

  • Anna Joy Graves (GS2)
  • Paige Souder (MS2)
  • Hayden Pacl (MS1)

MSTP CAMS Committee

The CAMS committee sponsors a monthly evening seminar series (Monthly Translational Research Seminar, MSTP 794) and invites speakers from university faculty currently involved in translational research, in addition to presentations from senior students in the program.

MSTP CAMS Committee Representatives

  • Muhan Hu (GS1; 2015-2016 Chair)
  • Jeremie Lever (GS1)
  • Shima Dowla (GS2)
  • Patrick Molina (MS1)
  • Ryan McMonigle (MS1)