Getting ready to submit your F30? Included is the F30 checklist along with the SF242 Fellowship application guide.

This section contains instructions and other useful information for preparing Kirschstein NRSA and non-NRSA Fellowship Applications to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ).

Kirschstein-NRSA Programs: The Kirschstein-NRSA program helps ensure that a diverse pool of highly trained scientists is available in adequate numbers and in appropriate research areas to carry out the Nation’s biomedical and behavioral research agenda. Kirschstein-NRSA fellowships are awarded as a result of national competition for research training in specified health-related areas. Certain specialized individual fellowships, such as the predoctoral fellowships (F31 and F30), postdoctoral fellowships (F32), senior fellowships (F33), and other institute-specific fellowship programs are provided under this authority.

Before Applying:

Become familiar with Activity Code: Applicants should become familiar with the “F” activity code for which support is being requested.

Refer to specific FOA: Before applying for an F award, applicants should carefully review the applicable Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) for the fellowship of interest, noting especially the eligibility requirements, requirements for a mentor, review criteria, award provisions, and any special application instructions. Each FOA contains more specific information associated with the award mechanism and includes names of individuals who may be contacted prior to submission of an application for additional or clarifying information.

Guidelines for NIH fellowships may be found on the NIH Web Site at

The Project/Performance Site Location(s) Form is used for all grant applications. Indicate the primary site where the work will be performed. If a portion of the project will be performed at any other site(s), identify the site location(s) in the blocks provided.

1. Project/Performance Site Primary Location
2. Project/Performance Site Location 1
3. Additional Performance Site Locations

The Senior/Key Person Profile (Expanded) Form is used for all grant applications, and allows the collection of data for all senior/key persons associated with the project. The information for the PD/PI is pre-populated from the SF424 (R&R) form. See instructions in Section G.200 - SF 424 (R&R) Form if these fields are empty.

- Profile - Project Director/Principal Investigator (PD/PI)
- Instructions for a Biographical Sketch
- Profile - Senior/Key Person
- Additional Senior/Key Person Profile(s)

The PHS Fellowship Supplemental Form is used only for Fellowship applications. This form includes fields to upload several attachments including the specific aims, research strategy, and applicant background and goals section.

- Introduction (if Applicable)
- Fellowship Applicant Section
- Research Training Plan Section
- Sponsor(s), Collaborator(s), and Consultant(s) Section
- Institutional Environment and Commitment to Training Section
- Other Research Training Plan Section
- Other Research Training Plan Information
- Additional Information Section
- Budget Section
- Appendix

Students Currently On Individual Extramural Fellowships

Evida Dennis NIH NIDDK F31 NRSA (2016-2020)
Alex Bray NIH NHLBI F30 NRSA (2015-2019)
Brandon Fox NIH NIDDK F30 NRSA (2015-2019)
Jonathan Lockhart NIH NHLBI F31 NRSA (2015-2019)
Jeff Singer NIH NIDDK F30 NRSA (2015-2019)
David Figge NIH NINDS F31 NRSA (2105-2018)
Carson Moseley NIH NIDDK F30 NRSA (2013-2017)

Students Previously On Individual Extramural Fellowships

Brian Warmus   NIH NIA F30 NRSA (2013-2016)
Travis Hull AHA Predoc Fellowship (2013-2015)
Stephanie Brosius NIH NINDS F31 NRSA (2013-2014)
Heather Allen NIH NINDS F31 NRSA (2011-2014)
Faraz Sultan NIH NIMH F30 (2012-2014)
Juan Calix NIH NIAID F31 NRSA (2011-2014)
Stacey Watkins NIH NINDS F31 NRSA (2011-2014)
Travis Lewis NIH NINDS F30 NRSA (2009-2013)
John Hammond NIH NIMH F30 NRSA (2009-2013)
Vishnu Cuddapah NIH NINDS F31 NRSA (2011-2013)
Kayci Huff NIH NIDDDK F30 NRSA (2010-2012)
Nicole Brossier NIH NINDS F30 NRSA (2008-2012)
Brian Dizon NIH NIDDK F30 NRSA (2008-2011)
Lena Gamble NIH NCI F31 NRSA (2004-2007)
James Gladden NIH NHLBI T32 Supplement (until 6/30/2010)
Jennifer Guimbellot NIH NIEHS F30 NRSA (2006-2009)
Kelly Harms DoD Breast Cancer Predoctoral Fellowship (2005-2007)
David Mayhew NIH NIA F30 NRSA (2007-2010)
Lisa Nowoslawski NIH NINDS F30 NRSA (2009-2012)
Jason Paik DoD Breast Cancer Predoctoral Fellowship (2006-2009)
Louise Pyle NIH NHLBI F30 NRSA (2009-2011)
Tanya Rege NIH NINDS F30 NRSA (2004-2008)
Amish Shah NIH NINDS F30 NRSA (2004-2007)
Nathaniel Weathington NIH NIEHS F30 NRSA (2005-2008)
Duane Wesemann NIH NINDS F30 NRSA (2003-2005)