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MD-PhD programs provide training in both medicine and research. They are specifically designed for those who want to become research physicians, also known as physician-investigators or physician-scientists. Graduates of MD-PhD programs often go on to become faculty members at medical schools, universities and research institutes.

Regardless of where they eventually work, MD-PhD candidates are being prepared for careers in which they will spend most of their time doing research, in addition to caring for patients. The MD-PhD dual career is busy, challenging, rewarding, and offers opportunities to do good for many people by advancing knowledge, developing new treatments for diseases, and pushing back the boundaries of the unknown.

APSA: American Physician Scientist Association

The American Physician Scientists Association is dedicated to career development and community building among physician-scientists in training.


MSTP NIH: Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) Institutions

A current list of MSTPs by state. 

AAMC Medical Student Information

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