UAB MSTP students are fully supported through the entire program, both tuition and stipend, by a combination of funds from a National Institute of Health training grant, individual faculty grants, and the School of Medicine.

Students who matriculate in the MSTP will receive three major financial benefits so long as they remain in good standing in the Program. The first is a monthly stipend, the amount of which is to be determined and announced annually. The current annual stipend is $29,000 (annual appointments are renewed from July 1st through June 30th). Stipends are issued on a monthly basis and paid at the end of the month, with direct deposit available. UAB makes a continued effort to provide competitive stipends by increasing the stipend periodically once the student is admitted to candidacy with an additional $1,000 increase once predoctoral external funding has been obtained.

The second major benefit is the payment of all tuition and student fees. The third major benefit is the availability of an educational enhancement fund. This money can be used to pay for required books, medical supplies, computers, and travel. The current total of the educational enhancement fund is $4000 per student (total for all years of the program).

All MSTP students in their graduate years are eligible for need-based financial aid. Students in medical school years are, in general, not eligible for need-based financial aid. MSTPs in their graduate years that have dependents may be eligible for financial aid in addition to the MSTP stipend. Depending on a student’s source of funding and specific position, the stipend may or may not apply as an available financial resource, which could affect the calculation of economic resources and student eligibility for financial aid.

During the first three years of the program, the stipend is paid in full by the MSTP. Starting in the fourth year when a student is in the Dissertation Research phase, the student’s mentor is required to provide the student’s stipend.  Student fees (including Health Insurance) and tuition remain a responsibility of the program.  After a student has completed four full years of research, the Research mentor will be responsible for 100% of the student’s stipend and fees.

Exceptions to provision of these benefits can be made for those regularly enrolled MD students who have already completed a PhD, but wish to participate in MSTP functions and benefit from the altered MSTP clinical clerkship requirements. Acceptance of such students will be with the full understanding that, although funding will not be available to them, all other provisions of the MSTP will pertain. Such students should apply to become honorary MSTP students through the Advanced Standing Application process.

MSTP students will be eligible for financial aid, with payments for stipend, tuition, and fees counting as income and thereby affecting eligibility. MSTP students will be covered under all programs normally provided or required by either School, including Student Health, Student Dental Health, and UAB Professional Liability. Other items such as parking will be billed directly to the student.

MSTP students are eligible for additional travel and financial support offered through various UAB departments and organizations:

UAB Graduate Student Association Travel Grants
Currently, each graduate student in good academic standing who will be enrolled at the time of travel AND at the time of reimbursement is eligible for one Travel Award of $400.00 each academic year and a maximum of two while enrolled at UAB.