The PhD, MD, and MD/PhD-trained scientists who constitute the MSTP faculty are engaged in nationally-recognized and well-funded research in diverse areas of basic and clinically relevant science.  

With approval, MSTP students have the opportunity to work with any of the faculty affiliated with the UASOM or GBS theme.  


Finding Faculty

Faculty affiliated with MSTP can be found two ways:

  • Using the UAB School of Medicine Faculty Profiles page which provides links to profiles of each MSTP faculty member.
  • Faculty affiliated with MSTP and their research interests may also be found under the Graduate Biomedical Sciences Theme Training Program & Department Lists.  
  • Please note:  faculty may or may not be accepting students due to funding or space constraints.  It is the reponsibility of each student to inquire if the faculty has adequate funding and/or lab space to accept new students.  The NIH RePorter website can be used to find information regarding NIH funding levels of MSTP-affiliated faculty.
Students and applicants are encouraged to use the PubMed searches that include the search terms for the research area of interest and "Alabama" and "Birmingham".