The Division of Nephrology has very active outpatient Nephrology Clinics that are staffed by faculty and fellows five full days a week. In addition, the Division has an outpatient Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Clinic, directed by Dr. Dana Rizk. The Chronic Kidney Disease clinic located at Kirklin Clinic on the first floor, was established in 2006, with the purpose of helping nephrologists achieve the treatment goals of CKD patients and to provide education to patients with advanced kidney disease 5 days a week.

Recognizing the increasing incidence of Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) and its contribution to long term CKD, the CKD Clinic added in 2012 a program for the prompt follow up of patients with AKI after their discharge from the hospital to facilitate their access to adequate care and to track their outcomes.

The CKD clinic is staffed by four nurse practitioners (Allyson Coley, Jane S Davis, Lisa Farris and Martha Ingram).

In addition, pharmacy students from Auburn University rotate through the clinic and are supervised by Rebecca Maxson, Pharm D.

The CKD clinic also orchestrates monthly group classes with the goal of educating patients and their families about kidney disease and all the available options for kidney replacement therapies (including the different dialysis modalities, transplantation).

The UAB Nephrology division is very active in research and the CKD clinic allows patients interested in participating in clinic research to have access to ongoing trials they may qualify for.