Congratulations to the following for their outstanding abstracts and poster presentations at the McKnight Poster Session held on Sunday, November 13, 2016 in San Diego, California.  It was very competitive this year, with a record 67 poster presenters from the various McKnight Institutes.  

First place winner was Joseph McQuail from the University of Florida, for his presentation of “Stress reactivity predicts impaired working memory in aging: vulnerability of GABAergic synapses.”

Representing the University of Arizona, Rachel Samson was awarded second place with “Expectation of large reward elicits bursts of beta-band oscillations in the aged rat amygdala.”

Third place
winner was Natalie Khoury from the University of Miami, for presenting “Elucidating the molecular mechanism behind the long-term cerebral ischemic tolerance mediated by resveratrol preconditioning.”

Join us in congratulating the winners for their outstanding work!